Saturday, May 20, 2006


President Hillary Clinton.
Vice President Barack Obama.

Secretary of Defense John Murtha.

Secretary of State Joe Wilson.
Secretary of Homeland Security Richard Clarke.
DNI Ray McGovern.
DCI Valerie Plame.

Attorney General Russ Feingold.

UN Ambassador Jimmy Carter.
Secretary of HUD Jesse Jackson.
Secretary of Education Bob Kerrey.
Secretary of the Interior AL Gore.

Surgeon General Jack Kevorkian.
Secretary of Labor Gerald W. McEntee.

Speaker Pelosi.
Majority Leader Reid.
Chairmen Kennedy, Leahy, Biden. And Conyers.
Justices of the Supreme Court: Reno, Bill Clinton, Anthony D. Romero, Ralph G. Neas.

It would be a true nightmare - FOR US. But NOT for Osama. Or KARL MARX!


Reliapundit said...

one good thing: maybe johm "xmas in cambodia" kerry would be named ambassador to france!

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty good actually.

Reliapundit said...

that's exactly what a socialist from the pink lse WOULD think!

read londonsitan, while europe sl;ept, and menace in europe.

and stop reading marx and engels - read hayek.

Anonymous said...

If that is as bad as it gets, maybe we can ALL stay home beginning '06???

Reliapundit said...

az redneck:

it could be worse: hillary could abdicate to osama and hugo.

but that would be too OBVIOUS. so the dem'left will do it in a more PC "liberal" way.

AZ: dpon't make the perfect the enemy of the good.

bush ain't perfect, but we've made progress.

under gore or kerry or hillary we will REGRESS.

allo the best!

Reliapundit said...

az - btw: half the people on my nightmqare list are TRAITORS guilty of TREASON.

mts said...

I think I just soiled me britches, thinking of the possibilities! But how could you make a cabinet sans a Kennedy? They are American royalty. I was wondering, would Teddy or Patrick Kennedy make a better Department of Transportation chief? Both being famous for automotive exploits... Yeah, I'm evil.

If the GOP continues to fall into malaise, we will go from a one party system to a no party system, as your list shows. It used to be whether R or D, they had different plans, ideas, and techniques, but they had the same end aim, to better the country in a way they saw fit. Whether an Eisenhower or a J.F. Kennedy, the president and his party had no problem standing up to enemies. Now, it's one party trying to keep this country defended and whole, and another party apologizing for America's existence, and working to undermine anything done on the country's behalf - villifying our soldiers in any controversy, calling our self-proclaimed enemies freedom fighters, etc.

mts said...

Oops, you had a Kennedy. Reading that nightmare list left me cross-eyed.

Reliapundit said...

sec of trans kennedy: love it!

Reliapundit said...

mts: i agree with your other comments, too. come back. tell ur friends.

Anonymous said...

I agree most of the people on this list wouldn't exactly be the best.

especially the walking punchline that is Hillary Clinton.

As well people like Jesse Jackson and Tedd kenedy as well should have no place in this government.

However, idiots as they may be, I think you need to look up the word treason.

because as far as I know doesn't treason involve betraying your country to the enemy? and as Far as I know none of the people on this list have done such a thing, but I guess in your bizarrow world not agreeing with absolutly everything the president says or does, and speaking your opinnion, however dumb you may sound, is treason.

so, if doing nothing but taking a different stance on the war on terror quallifies as treason, then what can we say about the arms shipments we made to several 3rd world countries such as afganistan and Iraq, during the cold war, countries that now supply those weapons to terrorists and insergents that use them agianst us now?

and what of the major arms shipments we've made to fascist regimes in africa and south america, all in the name of fighting communism, but when communism is gone those weapons remain, and are used to massacare thousands of refugees?

can you say that those presidents, BOTH Democrat and republican are all traitors as well?

Reliapundit said...

sparty baby!

1 - NONE of the serious weapons we gave the freedom fighters in afghanistan are used against us. their dhelf life aint that long, kiddo!

2 - murtha and kerry teddy jo and many of the others i mentioned (NOT ALL!) give aid and COMFORT to the enemy, by slandering the USA and our military. some have been doing it FOR DECADES!

and i supported them until 1989.
i am still a card carrying democrat.
have been snce 1974!

so dn;t go accusing me of being a partisan. that's schmucky and wrong.

there are indeed ways to crit the potus and the us military during a war WITHOUR giving comfort to the enemy.

some have done that. and THAT is IMPORTANT and USEFUL.

a simpleton can tell the difference.

when schmuck like murtha say we've lost or we can;pt win they asre effin wrong and givn aifd and comfirt to the enemy. no diff murha and kerry and tokyo rose.



the refugees ypou clasim were killed with opur weaponry are a figment of your imagination. and leftist propganda. pure BS. never happened.

rwanda was one of worst genocides in africa in decades - on clinton's and kofi's watch (kofi was the CHIEF peace-keepor of the UN at the time with UN tropps there; he REFUSED to allow them to interced!!!) - it was a geniocide committed with machetes and clubs. not usa supplied weaponry from the cold war.

ditto sudan

sparty: read Hayek and revel; and horowitz.


remeber: prosperity is a by-oroduct of liberty.

NO staist regiome can EVER create properity.

statism is the road to serfdom: less liberty and less prosperity.

leftism = statism.
fasdsms and nazism were LITERALLY variants of leftism. NAZI = national socialist. hitler was antiMARXIST not anti-socialist. read mein kampf: IT IS A SOCIALSIT MANIFESTO!

later, kiddo!