Sunday, March 12, 2006


These self-described "peacemaker" teams are really nothing more than anti-American and anti-Israel troublemakers. The REAL peracemakers are the folks in OUR MILITARY!

READ GINA COBB; excerpt:
... the deceased torture victim was not detained, tortured, abused or killed by U.S. or by Iraqi forces. He was killed by Iraqi terrorists who call themselves the "Swords of Righteousness Brigade." They kidnapped Tom Fox and three others off the streets of Baghdad in November 2005. After holding the hostages for months, they've now apparently decided to further demonstrate their commitment to human rights by slaughtering one of the four hostages and dumping his body in the street.

Ironically, the torture victim, Tom Fox, 54, of Clear Brook, Va., was a member of the very same group of Christian Peacemaker Teams that went to Iraq to investigate allegations that U.S. and Iraqi forces had abused detainees. But now ... leaders of the same activist organization, are calling for the terrorists not to be "vilified" or "demonized" for the death of Tom Fox. If we can't condemn those who deliberately abduct, torture, and murder an innocent man, who can we condemn?
A group calling itself the Swords of Truth said it had taken the hostages and accused them of spying for foreign forces in Iraq. Fellow hostage Mr Fox is also heard to speak on the video, a shorter version of which emerged last week. He says: "As a representative of Christian Peacemaker Teams, we feel that continued American and British occupation is not in the best interest of the Iraqi people."

BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson said Mr Kember had appeared to reflect his own opinions in the video as he was "very much critical" of the British and US presence in the country. "The ludicrous thing really is that they've captured four people, of whom he's one, who are their best friends in the West," he said of the kidnappers.
I feel sorry for the Fox family. But he was REALLY not for peace; he was on the other side. On purpose, or a dupe - it matters not. Folks like Fox NEVER volunteered as human shields in Israel; they never volunteered to be a human shields in a HUMVEES patrolling in a Shia neighborhoods so that Shias could live in peace; these CPT/ISM folks only want to protect and defend our enemies - and the enemies of a democratic Iraq. I feel no sympathy for ANY one who does that. Not when they're alive, and not when they're dead.

Sorry to break the consensus here, but I got no sympathy at all.

It is not only that this guy and his pals stuck their heads in the tiger's mouth, but that they did so in order to prove that the tiger was really a harmless domestic kitten and that all those who insist on treating it as a tiger are nasty, imperialist warmongers in bad faith.

Their "Christianity" is of the holier-than-thou variety, the kind that goes around talking of George W.Bush as a Nazi and of Guantanamo as a death camp.

They are unwilling to listen to others, they learn nothing, and they forget nothing.

They were, in short, a bunch of self-righteous, prattling idiots, of a kind all too prevalent in the West today, and the worst possible danger to our effort to contain and breakdown jihad.

They are the kind who promote boycotts against Israel and fawn on Cindy Sheehan. If one of them dies, it is as the victim of his own obstinate, self-righteous stupidity. ...

Posted by: Paolo


These self righteous Christians, who have little comprehension of the influence of history or geopolitics, and cannot even begin to fathom the centrality of the jihad for Muslims, have some twisted need to assert their moral superiority over others as a way to vindicate their faith. I have had many arguments with these types and have probed their psychology; most are incapable of an evidence based and reasonable analysis of world events. These people literally believe that their pathologically anti-Semitic and anti-Americanism is a reflection of God's will, and that they have a religious duty to actively oppose Israeli and U.S. policies.

In their twisted view the deliberate murder of innocents by those primitive Muslims is an understandable reaction to oppression, while an coalition assault on Falluja, where a few civilians are killed accidentally, constitutes a verification of their facile view of the evil of the U.S. and Israel.

As far as I am concerned these people are just as much a threat to the West as their de facto jihadist allies.

Posted by: Dhimmiwatch in Canada


Pastorius said...

Here here, I agree completely. These types of P.C. anti-Western christians are the new breed of self-righteous Christianity.

They are postmodern Churchladies.

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Anonymous said...

I quit going to church because of fools like that. Can't justify calling them on their erroneous assumptions ,and possibly backing it with physical violence, in the house of the Lord.