Saturday, March 18, 2006


A few nights ago Larry had a panel talk about Iraq for a half hour. His panel included the editor of Leftist weekly THE NATION - Katrina Vanden Heuvel, and and editor from TIME - Michael Weiskopf. These two members of the BDS-afflicted anti-war crowd (and their comrade Senator Feinstein) were in GRAND FORM: spewing lies and disinformation with every syllable! Here are a few of them - fisked for your convenience:

(1) The idiot ass--le editor of THE NATION doesn't even know the difference between an air assault and an air strike, or terror instigated sectarian violence and out-and-out civil war; in fact, these remarks reveal that she probably doesn't accept that there's a difference between terrorism and the justifiable use of force against terrorists which may SOMETIMES yield some collateral damage! I report; you decide:
You know, Larry, the intensification of airstrikes has been going on for five months. Seymour Hersh has reported that in the "New Yorker." But I think this is a sign of desperation, a sign of desperation, a war that is un- winnable that is unlawful, unnecessary.
[WRONG: Operation Swarmer was an air assault, not an air strike; no bombs or missiles were launched at all. ZERO. An air assault is when you AIR LIFT IN TROOPS.]
And also, you know, you're dealing with the slaughter possibly of innocent women and children and you possibly create more insurgents. The resentment against America is so deep.
[WRONG: the insurgents/terrorists are the ones deliberately killing innocents; we are not. And MOST Iraqis know this.]
I think it's very important to understand that we are now, the United States is in a brutal occupation, is in the middle of an Iraqi civil war with America having turned against the war and 87 percent of Iraqis wanting an end to the U.S. occupation, 72 percent of U.S. troops in Iraq want us to come home.
[WRONG: (a) THERE IS NO CIVIL WAR IN IRAQ. There is some sectarian strife - deliberately egged on by the jihadoterrorists - but sectarian struife between Shias and Sunnis exists THROUGHOUT THE MUSLIM WORLD;

(b) she quotes Zogby's ENTIRELY BOGUS POLL. This 72% result was in response to a DELIBERATELY AMBIGUOSLY WORDED QUESTION: "Do you think that troops should be home by the end of this year?" This is ambiguous because "should" can mean BOTH "in all likelihood (because things are going well)" or "should" as in "it is a moral imperative to bring them out this year, no matter what." Some soldiers might think the latter but, most think the former. Add them together and you get 72%.

(c) the "occupation" is pursuant to a UNSC resolution - passed after the war - and pursuant to the invitation of the constitutional government of Iraq. We are both INVITED by a majority of Iraqis and REQUIRED by international law to be there.]

So, I think this is a sign of desperation and it is a very important moment to assess the need to begin to find a way out with honor and dignity for Iraqis and for Americans who are serving there.
[WRONG: Joint missions between Iraqi and US and coalition forces is NOT a sign of desperation; it is a sign of GREAT PROGRESS, in fact, she is abso-friggin-lutely 180DEGREES WRONG!]
(2) And then there were some abso-friggin-lutely IDIOTIC, ILL-INFORMED, PROPAGANDISTIC responses from Michael Weiskopf, an editor at TIME MAGAZINE; this one was one of the most egregious, appalling and SICK comments about the war that I have EVER heard. WEISSKOPF - editor TIME:
Probably the only guy who successfully was able to unite Shia and Sunni albeit under a banner of terror is the guy now in the dock of a courtroom... [meaning SADDAM!!!]
SADDAM KEPT THE PEACE?!?!?!?!?!?! Bul--hit. Saddam murdered hundreds of thousands of non-Arab Sunnis and non-Sunnis. In effect, during Saddam's regime there was HORRIFIC sectarian strife - if not GENOCIDE - EXCEPT ONLY ONE SIDE WAS ARMED!

The lies and distortion I point out are only the most appalling. Virtually EVERYTHING the anti-war crowd had to say was wrong - and they are either IDIOTS for being so misinformed, or Fifth Column propagandists. TAKE YOUR PICK.

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