Saturday, March 11, 2006


So the governor of Illinois today assured illegal immigrants gathered in Chicago.
More from the SUN-TIMES:
The rally came as the U.S. Senate struggles with a bill to stiffen border enforcement and a new report estimates the illegal immigrant population has grown from about 8.4 million in 2000 to nearly 12 million. ... From a platform, Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich addressed the massive crowd in Spanish, telling them that he is the son of immigrant parents and understands the issues that are important to them.

His proclamation that "Ustedes no son criminales. Ustedes son trabajadores" (You are not criminals. You are workers) elicited loud cheers.
HOW DO YOU SAY DHIMMITUDE IN SPANISH!? Really. Does CITIZENSHIP mean NOTHING to these guys!? Dees playing by the rules mean NOTHING to them!? Sheesh. And since the law that they were protesting in Chicago DOESN'T TARGET ANY ETHNIC GROUP, OR LIMIT ITSELF TO THE MEXICAN BORDER, why in the heck were there so many MEXICAN-AMERICAN (presumably) protesters, and why was the governor speaking in SPANISH?! ARE THEY PRESUMING THAT ALL ILLEGALS ARE MEXICAN? Or Hispanic?!

Let's build a fence the legnth of put entire border - with Canada AND Mexico. And then, let's expand LEGAL immigration. That's the only way for us to be safe and secure, and to make sure immigrants don't freeload off taxed based systems - like schools, don't over-burden our hospitals' emergency rooms., and don't drive around illegally an without insurance. And we can get tougher on employers who exploit them, too.


Anonymous said...

Is the Guestworker/Amnesty bill now being touted by certain Senators
a postive thing for American citizens--all races included?

Below are videos that were taken during a rally by SaveourState.org against
illegal immigration in California in the City of Baldwin Park. May 14,2005
One American citizen was nearly killed when a full water bottle was tossed at the American protesters. (There were American children present.)
You can see the water bottle attack in the video.
The rally was halted when the Police informed the American citizens that they could no longer protect them
on American soil!
These videos have been suppressed by the mainstream media.
I think all Americans should see the video.
If you agree please send the links to your Represenatives and to your friends and relatives.


Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL. Period. They BROKE A LAW and do NOT deserve any kind of imunity. What happens when you break a traffic signal? You get a ticket. Mexicans who illegally crossed into the US, even if they are US citizens today - SHOULD face deportation, exile even if temporary, or atleast a hefty fine in excess of $10,000 for every year they were illegal - to recompense the rest of the population for being a drain on them all those years. At the least, Congress can stop the children of illegal Mexicans getting US citizenship!!! Mexicans cross the border just to have babies with US citizenship... they have absolutely NO idea what duties and responsibilites the CITIZENSHIP OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DESERVES - that's ridiculous!! CONGRESS NEEDS TO MAKE THESE PEOPLE LEAVE AND DO IT NOW!!! As for making a wall with Canada, I have rarely IF EVER come across Canadians who cross the border in hordes illegally and take jobs, homes and lives away from the United States. Mexican workers may be hard working but look at their neighborhoods - they are run down and as sleazy as back in Mexicco!! Latinos are turning the US into Mexico's backyard dump. They take our greaty country for granted and instead of working hard to keep the filth of their local traditions OUT of the United States, they work hard to BRING IT IN!!! I have yet to find any neighborhoods harboring illegal immigrants that are as clean and nice as normal suburbs maintained by normal Americans who live and work here legally and in regard to the lives and welfare of others! Congress should ban such neighborhoods where all they do is booze and sleaze all day! Cinco de Mayo be damned, lead these Chicanos back to where they came from. Don't turn America into a welfare pit!!! Preserve the lands and pristine beauty of the United States, and make this trash leave!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could rid our country of those who call other PEOPLE "trash." Why don't you get an education and find out what role OUR country plays in the destitution and lack of jobs that result in people from Mexico coming here so they can feed their families (which are A LOT of people). If you think there is no bigger story than just "oh no, the illegals are invading our country," than you are just as stupid and hysterical as you sound.

I wish legal and illegal was so easily defined. If so, Bush would be in jail right now. Or didn't you notice that he broke more than a few laws when he lied to the nation about going to war, and spied on fellow American without following the LAWS that govern domestic surveillance. OR did you miss that part of the news?