Thursday, March 02, 2006


YUP: That's the way it feels sometimes. Bush is seemingly losing the case of the century against the guiltiest perps in history. The MSM is CREAMING him at every turn. Can't this WH ever get ahead of any story!? Sheesh.

Maybe W should get rid of his whole dang communications team and bring in the top Right bloggers - POWERLINE, HEWITT, INSTAPUNDIT & company!

YEAH YEAH: If FDR had to deal with today's MSM he'd a quit after one term.
YEAH-YEAH: They drove LBJ and Nixon from office - and dang near got Ronnie, too.

But we KNOW all that now, and we know how to beat them; we beat them in 2000, 2002, and in 2004. But it sure don't feel like we're gonna beat them in 2006. And, if we don't beat them in 2006 - and IF the Dems get control of even one body Congress - then they'll do to the Iraqis and the Afghanis what they did to the South Vietnamese and the Contras: ABANDON THEM. And set us back in The Long War a couple of decades!


It' s NOT enough to be right; you have to convince people you're right, too. And the Bush Team hasn't been very convincing lately. Even though they have been mostly right.

MY SUGGESTIONS: Bring back Ari and Karen to run the inside, and bring in Tory Clark as Press Secretary. (Maybe even hire Deaver and Duberstein.) Make Mehlman Chief of Staff - move Card to DHS or Commerce or Treasury. And ship Rove to the GOP. Faster please!


Anonymous said...

You know, under Carter, the dems also abandonned the Shah of Iran, one of the closest, most respectable and most powerful US ally in the region.
You know why? He said "no more Pinochet"! He wanted to humanize foreign policy and against the mild political oppression of the Shah against the communists and islamists he never exposed the brutish means of his ennemies... well he traded a bright reformer for an obscure islamo-facist.

That was the first defeat of the USA and the Free World against global terror. We owe it to the dems!
Thank them. They're lovers of human rights.

Well, actually, they will hate you, whether dictator or not, provided you are not a leftist. In Europe we increasingly talk about a kind of unformal alliance between the leftists and islamic radicals. The first call to lowering our defenses and favorable portray the islamists as victims of western imperialism and the latters are achieving their goal of creating a statut of dhimma for whoever resists radical islam.
Cheers, good blog :)

Reliapundit said...

you are 100000% right.

fact is" i've posted on that many times.
leftism is a fav topic of mine - as i wuz a lefty once.


tha wuz me only point in this here post

Anonymous said...

Here is a copy of a letter that I sent to the White House 4 days ago.

To President George W. Bush and all other interested parties:

I am writing to express my deep concern about the communications breakdowns we have been seeing lately. There is no excuse for this and it is hurting your efforts and all our efforts on the War on Terror and other security issues. Many of your problems seem to be stemming from missteps and incompetence at Homeland Security. I’m not sure whether Mr. Chertoff is up to his job, but one thing is clear, the person or persons responsible for communications in this agency are not doing the job.

You have an army of good people out here who have spent thousands of hours talking about, writing about, advocating for, and supporting your agenda and especially the ongoing War on Terror. We are well-informed and many are superior writers and scholars. Many others, like myself, are more amateur, but no less committed.

My personal recommendation would be to can the White House press conferences and reliance on the mainstream media and start concentrating your efforts where they do the most good … this is the electronic age, the age of instant communication, and the Internet and especially the blogs are the future. It would be more productive if the staff started their day reading some of the best political and military blogs than pouring over the New York Times and Washington Post.

Whatever you do, you need to do it quickly to correct this problem. On nearly every major story in the last few months, the White House has been behind the eight ball when it comes to generating or responding to current events, i.e. the Danish cartoon issue, Katrina, the Dubai Ports World debacle that should never have become a problem, and the terrible leaks coming out of the State Department and the CIA. The New York Times, in particular, seems to have made it their mission to destroy the United States.

Thank you for your time,

Reliapundit said...

nice letter squigs.

only we need to combat the msms IN the msm becasue they rwsach 70 MILLION people and the blogosphrere doesn't.

therefore we can;t circumvent them. we need to demolish the leftwing domination of the msm.