Thursday, February 09, 2006


We recently counter-attacked against the jihadoterrorists by using a Predator Drone to launch a missile at a dinner-meeting of al Qaeda in Waziristan. One of the intended targets was Zawahiri, but - evidently escaped death that day; four othe Al Qaedaq biggies were not so fortunate).

The ensuing protests by locals and Pakistanis seemingly put Musharraf in a tight spot: he says he wants to cooperate as much as possible, but says he mustn't be seen as surrendering sovereignity to the USA - (by allowing us into his airspace, or by land over the Afghan-Pakistan border - even when we are in hot-pursuit of the enemy).

Failed regions - are like failed states: they are havens for terrorists. The jihadoterrorists fill the vacuum and assert their own sick tryannical form of authority within the otherwise government-less region.

I think we can CLARIFY this situation by publicly announcing a bold new policy: the USA will no longer recognize the international borders of lawless regions PERIOD. (A lawless region is any zone where the statutory authority with legal jurisdiction isn't enforcing the law.) In the case of Waziristan, the statutory authority is Pakistan, but in fact the Pakistani government has very little control of anything in Waziristan.

My propsoal says to Pakistan; "If you cannot enforce control over the "tribal regions" like Waziristan, you FORFEIT sovereignity over it, and we are free to attack it - at will."

The principle here is simple: If a government cannot rule a region by its own laws, then the protections of international law don't apply to that region. Lawless regions become fair game; it becomes OPEN SEASON on lawless regions and on semi-failed states.

This should also be applied to Somalia, and Gaza and the West Bank - and many other semi-failed/lawless states. We should put all of the semi-failed states and lawless regions (like Waziristan/Pakistan) ON NOTICE: enforce the laws or you will be attacked at a time of our choosing - however we choose.

As the situation now exists, these semi-failed states play a double-game - they claim statehood and yet fail to enforce lawfullness. And this is BS. As I said above: If the Pakistani government doesn't or can't control Waziristan, then Waziristan is de facto NOT part of Pakistan, but is de facto a lawless zone - one that can be attacked at will. Ditto Gaza and the West Bank.

We must get "semi-failed states" which "semi-help us" (states like Pakistan) to ante-up - BIGTIME. This proposal puts them on notice - BIGTIME. Help us... or else. Or else we will operate as we wiosh in your lawless zones - including assassinating the enemy with missiles, or by undertaking secret special operations on the ground.

NOTE: If the USA can assassinate al Qaeda in Waziristan without UN censure -as we recently did - then Israel can certainly do the same to the jihadoterrorists on its right border. But Kofi Anan doesn't think this is Israel's right. NOT SURPRISING: This is just another in a long line of anti-Semitic statements from Kofi, who is nothing but a useless, corrupt, incompetent anti-Semite.]

UPDATE: Let's put YEMEN on the list of semi-failed states! NOW!!

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