Sunday, February 19, 2006



Bottom-line: If Christians ANYHWERE torched 15 mosques, then the Left and the MSM would be going nuclear! IT WOULD BE ABU GHRAIB TO THE TENTH POWER!

And yet, when Muslims do it and there's hardly a peep.

One Thing this proves is how LITTLE we all expect of Muslims; yes: ALL MUSLIMS - Africans, Asian, Arab, etc; and YES: this is a generalization, but one based on case after case after case; we expect them to behave like brutal barbaric genocidal racist savages - FOR GOOD REASONS. They have routinely behaved this way in the past; they continue to.

I say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is time we fought back: Europe should deport (as in SEND HOME) ALL Muslims who refuse to assimilate and obey the rules and norms of Europe. AND, I say: it's time the Free World HALTED ALL AID, LOANS, AND TRADE with any and all nations which do NOT prohibit polygamy, consanguinous marriage, and misogyny. We mustn't tolerate OR ENABLE IN ANY WAY those who sytematically disenfranchise people of their UNIVERSAL human rights becuase of their gender or religion - AS MUSLIMS ROUTINELY DO IN THE NATIONS THEY CONTROL.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Its going to take more blood of innocent people to wake them up however.
Want and eye opening place to visit that rounds up news from the middle east and Israel try http://www.iris.org.il/#blog They try not to put the ap spin on it.

Reliapundit said...

thanks patty. im blogrolling them now

Anonymous said...

they torched churches in pakistan too.

.sreodlive eht yortsed lliw meshah

Anonymous said...

so far the cartoons have killed 20 or 25 fundamentalists...how many more do we need to print?

Anonymous said...

Gosh - but I don't see the left going "nuclear" over the following story. Guess you were flat wrong.

By DULUE MBACHU, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 53 minutes ago

Christian mobs rampaged through a southern Nigerian city Tuesday, burning mosques and killing several people in an outbreak of anti-Muslim violence that followed deadly protests against caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad over the weekend.

Residents and witnesses in the southern, predominantly Christian city of Onitsha said several Muslims with origins in the north were beaten to death by mobs which also burned two mosques there.

"The mosque at the main market has been burnt and I've counted at least six dead bodies on the streets," Izzy Uzor, an Onitsha resident and businessman, told The Associated Press by telephone. "The whole town is in a frenzy and people are running in all directions."

Reliapundit said...

well mkultra;

all that proves is that lefties do not give a shit about genocide of any kind in africa. never have. rwanda. sudan. congo. nigeria. all had rampoages like this during the clinton era and bill never said boo.

then again, bill supported muslim on christian genocide in the former yugoslavia.

the shit going sdown in nigeria aint new: the northern prvinces have been trying to enact shgaria for years.

christains there have long fought back.

if EUROPEANS did that - as they should whenever they are attacked by jihadothugs - then the nytimes would condemn it as unnecessary and counterproductive escalation.

to the left, fighting back is not PC.

they'd rather bend over!