Saturday, January 07, 2006


Memeorandom links to a DAILY KOS article saying that NED LAMONT will challenge Joe Lieberman for the Democrat party's nominatuion for the US Senate from Ct. LAMONT IS A MILLIONAIRE (a pre-requistite for the Democrats these days it seems - he made it in telecoms like moneybags Terry McAuliffe). AND... he's a close personal friend of the Kennedy's. YUP: KENNEDY. A Kennedy family ally is challenging Lieberman.

Daily Kos and his buddies on the extreme Left - MOVE ON and the like, (who now control the Democrat Party) are ecstatic. I am not.

I've been a registered Democrat since 1974. And I say this challenge proves that the Democrat Party's Left-wing is absolutely loony. They're making the party even more Leftist than it was during the McGovern era! And they'll get the same results. WHY? It's quite simple: you cannot get more votes in the south or midwest by going further to the Left. Not a single Democrat on the ballot in the last two federal elections lost to someone more to the Left. Going further to the Left will mean MORE LOSSES for the Democrats. That the Left doesn't see only this proves that these Leftists are IDIOTS. Idiots who are destroying the oldest politcal party in the land. The party of "neocons and hawks" like FDR and TRUMAN and JFK and LBJ and Scoop Jackson and Joe.

If the Left retakes the party - and remakes it in the image of McGovern and Kennedy and Kucinich and Dean and Pelosi and Sharpton and Feingold, then GOOD RIDDANCE!

HEY: I betchya that Mark Warner, Bill Richardson, Tom Vilsack, Phil Bredesen, Evan Bayh and even Hillary Clinton - (and every other centrist or centrist-wannabe in the party) - are almost upset as me. WHY!? Because if DK and MOVEON succeed in dragging the party EVEN MORE to the Left, then these more moderate Democrats know they don't have a freakin-deakin chance at their party's nomination in 2008. STAY TUNED.

NOTE: It will be very VERY interesting to see which national Democrats campaign for Joe in the primary. When GOP liberal Arlen Spector faced a challenge from his right-flank, right-winger Santorum fought very VERY hard for the senior senator from PA. An honorable thing to do. Will Hillary and Dodd and ther others I listed do the same thing? We shall see.... we shall see. (I suspect they do not have the BALLS to take on DK or MOVEON.) Stay tuned...

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