Tuesday, January 03, 2006

FLASH: THE ASTUTE BLOGGER SCOOPS POWERLINE AGAIN - on the MSM's use of the term "domestic spying"

Scott Johnson posted a brillaint analysis of the MSM's ORWELLIAN distortions of the NSA brouhaha. One example he gave was this:
References to the NSA eavesdropping program as "domestic spying." See, for example, the Times story on the investigation of the leaks underlying the story: "Justice Dept. Inquiry into leak of domestic spying." Contrary to the language used by the Times, the program is one of foreign intelligence surveillance; it is not a domestic spying program. Like the authorities in Oceania, the Times seeks to dictate the politically correct attitude to the subject.
I posted on this TWO WEEKS AGO - TWICE. (Proving once again that I scoop most of the top bloggers ROUTINELY. But you know that; that's why you come here everyday. THANKS! Now tell your friends!)

First, I scooped Powerline in a post from 12/21/05 titled THE MSM'S "BIG LIE" ON THE NSA INTERCEPT STORY; (I chose to use Goebbels' jargon, not Orwellian jargon). This post ANALYZED the MSM's language and contrasted it with the known facts:
The Left-wing dominated MSM has got MANY things in the NSA brouhaha ALL WRONG, and done so DELIBERATELY in order to CRANK UP the sense that this is a major scandal, (see below). Among the many MSM distortions are these:

(1) The MSM constantly refers to what the president authorized the NSA to do as "DOMESTIC SPYING," as if a wide net was cast over a slew of US citizens. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT THE CASE. A relatively few number of callers or calls were intercepted. Only international calls and only between suspected al Qaeda phones/(emails).
Second, ON THE SAME DAY - (12/21/05 - because I thought this angle was very important) - I did a GOOGLE NEWS word-search on "domestic spying" versus "international spying" in a post titled, THE BIG LIE: BUSH AUTHORIZED D-O-M-E-S-T-I-C SPYING. This post QUANTIFIED the extent of the MSM's use of the deliberate distortion, PROVING that this lie was an example of "THE BIG LIE."
Is the MSM disseminating a false meme (IOW: filthy Leftist propaganda) regarding the FISA/NSA brouhaha? I think so. Here's evidence:

HITS ON GOOGLE NEWS FOR "international spying" - ONE.
HITS ON GOOGLE NEWS FOR "domestic spying" - 3,160.



That's "1/3160" and "807/1,570,000." THIS IS AN ASTOUNDING EXAMPLE OF PILING ON! Only 0.00005 of all the stories on this matter lead with the FACT that the calls which Bush wanted intercepted by the NSA (not the FBI or the CIA but the NSA) were INTERNATIONAL.

Since the TRUTH is that Bush only authorized intercepts of INTERNATIONAL CALLS - and only from al Qaeda and their affiliates, in and out of the country - when the MSM and the Left portrays this as "domestic spying" they are distorting to such a degree that, for all intents and purposes, THEY ARE LYING.

And they are deliberately lying about this aspect of the story because they know that Americans WON'T GIVE A HOOT if only foreigner's and terrorist's rights are infringed. They know they need to make it SEEM like Bush authorized the NSA to snoop on EVERYONE'S calls domestically.

This is a classic Leftist tactic: Leftists regularly use CONFLATION, and conflation is a logical fallacy. EXAMPLE: "Some of A is B; some of C is B; therefore C is A." THIS IS FALSE. And so is the charge that Bush ordered DOMESTIC surveillance.

As Churchill said, a lie travels round the world five times before the truth gets its pants on. A contemporary of Churchill's - Goebbels - invented the BIG lie. Today's post-modern Left and the MSM they dominate have perfected it.

I think this second post PROVED just how widespread the Left-wing dominated/anti-Bush MSM's dissembling really is - and how widespread it has to be in order to permeate the public discussion. This "BIG LIE/example of TIMESSPEAK" is the reason why this story has become a "scandal" in the minds of so many.

Of course, the MSM's deliberate, anti-Bush distortions are not new and have never been limited to the Iraq War. This kind of TIMESSPEAK is SOP for MSM. And why the blogosphere - especially blogs like POWERLINE - has become so important, if not crucial.


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