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ASTUTE BLOGGER 2005: "Mosque de Notre Dame" and "Par-is-tanbul"; STEYN 2006: It's the demography, stupid!"

Steyn is perhaps the best columnist in the world today. And a much better writer than me. Today he has another winner, about the islamification of Europe through demograhy. But he is NOT the first to warn the world about the demography problems palguing Europe - not by a long-shot! Bat Y'eor is the origiantor of the analysis. And I wrote about it a 50 weeks ago in two posts, which I reprise here; (more proof that THIS BLOG is ahead of the curve, and therefore one you should read everyday!):
Saturday, January 15, 2005 - MOSQUE DE NOTRE DAME?

INSTAPUNDIT linked to a posting by DANIEL DREZNER (on the recently published NIC/CIA look into the future, through 2020) which included a graphic that Glenn called "troubling."

The graphic is a chart which shows the changing demography of the EU, projected out to 2025. The chart basically shows that - based on current trends (immigration and birth rate/death rate and religious ID trends) - the EU will become very very Muslim; 40% Muslim! Some commentators and historians - like Bat Y'eor - have been making this point for some time: that Europe is becoming Islamicized; some call it "Eurabia."

IS THIS AN IMPORTANT TREND? Can the religion of a nation or continent make a difference? Should we care if Europe becomes a little more Muslim?

Well, the Leftists in the USA are not shy about claiming that Christianity - especially evangelical Christianity - has an effect on OUR politics; they think it has a HUGE effect - and a BAD effect. Self-identified evangelicals comprise about 40% of the US population, according to some polls.

If that's POSSIBLE - if religion can inform politics here in the USA - then it must also be possible in the EU. THEREFORE, Leftists MUST accept that the trend in the CIA graph presents the potential for major social and political change.

I wonder what the Left thinks that change might involve? Do they think it will make the EU more tolerant? More libertarian? Less mysogynistic? Less anti-Semitic? More competitive in commerce and the sciences?

OF COURSE IT CANNOT MEAN ANY OF THOSE THINGS. It probably means the exact opposite of those things. YES: It's a harbinger for bad things, for things getting worse than they are.

Only two leading mainstream politicians in the EU seem to get this: Nicholas Sarkozy and Gert Wilders. I hope they're brave enough to lead a counter-movement - a second enlightenment - that can defeat this INVASION in a way that's consistent with Western values.

Either they do, or the Eiffel Tower will be the Muezzin for the Mosque du Notre Dame!

Don't laugh - it's happened before: in Constantinople, Antioch, Alleppo, Alexandria, and so on. It can happen again. As a matter of fact, according to this BBC REPORT, it may be too late to stop the trend:

"For decades, the Church in France has been living on borrowed time, relying on a body of priests whose average age has steadily increased. That time has suddenly run out." Recent research suggests that French priests have become so old that half of them will die in the next eight years. [...] Fr Cambon - who has more than 30 churches to look after - says his elderly congregation is dying out so rapidly that in 10 years there may be no church in Puy L'Eveque at all. "People kept saying it would be all right," says Fr Cambon, "but they're about to be proved wrong. My fear is that the Roman Catholic Church will disappear altogether in France. That's the path we're on." For French seminaries it is a well-trodden path. Only 150 men completed their training as priests last year, for the whole of France.

The BBC correspondent blames secularization. The CIA/NIC chart reveals that the Christian character of the EU is under assault on another front, too: Muslimization by demography. Add to that the propensity of the CHIC APPEASERATI of Old Europe to pay obesiance to neo-Jiahdists - instead of confronting them and counter-attacking them - and, well, what you've got is a two front war on Judeo-Christianity in Europe in which only one side wants to fight! Unless and until Europe decides to fight back, they haven't got a chance! And Europe had better start fighting back now, on both fronts - or else, as the CIA/NIC chart reveals - it will be soon too late.
And here: Sunday, January 16, 2005 PAR-IS-TANBUL
THE OBSERVER reports on an alarming and revealing trend: French people are leaving France and emigrating to the UK in large and increasing numbers. They are leaving France's stagnant socialist economic cesspool and going to the robust and economically vital post-Thatcherite/Hayekian Great Britain.

Most revealing. After all: People vote with their wallets and feet. The emigres are telling us that they have given up on France. And - because it is reasonable to assume that those leaving are among France's most assertive entrepreneurial and independent people - the drain is SERIOUS.

The fact that these people are leaving France tells you all you need to know about where France is today, and where it is heading. When added to the (a) demise of the Church, and (b) the surge of Islamic immigration and births (and low birth rates for native French) one can't avoid the conclusion that French France is in serious decline and that the Islamification of France is nearly unavoidable.
Check out the STYEN column for more. (And check out THE ASTUTE BLOGGER EVERYDAY!)

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