Friday, December 30, 2005


Paul Mirengoff of POWERLINE in rare form:
The electoral tide turned against the Democrats during the Vietnam era, and hasn't turned back. One can argue that the Vietnam/Watergate syndrome -- fear of the exercise of American power based on profound distrust of our military, our government, and our motives -- is the main cause of the decline of the Democrats.

... It's not surprising that the failure of many liberals to have learned anything truly new since 1974 constitutes a huge political disadvantage. But I'm fascinated by the ways in which this failure continues to confound them.
RTWT. (And then read the post he wrote before that!)

And a Commenter at Polipundit (hat tip ACE), commenting on WHY the Democrats are now sinking in the polls and the GOP rising again, sarcastically lists a few of the many fascinating ways the Democrats - (who are either addicted to a vestigial ideology or trapped in some weird 1970's "time loop")- have dug themselves deeper into the past - heck, they've dug clear past anachronism and are heading toward oblivion! KATHY WROTE:
What could have made those polls turnout that way??? I wonder if we should ask Howard the Coward We Will Never Win This War Dean, or maybe Nancy My Nosy is Rosy Pelosi if we could get her away from that trough of corruption she can only see in the mirror. Or Dick Turban Screamin and Cryin Durbin - how’s that Nazi gulag analogy workin for ya?
And also tonight, DR SANITY contributed a great observation along these lines saying about these loony RAVINGS from Durbin and Dean and Murtha:
... don't waste your time looking for any sense in the contradictory demands and rhetoric of the political postmodernists--better known as the Leftwing Democrats.

... They have a plan to win by giving up. ... And, when it comes to domestic energy policy--they demand that the oil and energy industry produce results; but demonize everything these industries do; and then make it impossible (or at least illegal) for them to be successful!
[Like keep a tiny section of ANWR - which was set aside for oil exploration by Jimmy Carter when he created ANWR - closed from oil development!]
And she's got a few brilliant cartoons which illustrate the bizarre, inflammatory and and contradictory discourse of the Loony Left who are currently running/ruinning the Democrat Party. CHECK IT OUT!

The Democrats were virtually extinct in 1991; Perot was the real contender for Bush Senior's job until a Bible-toting, church-going DLC centrist southern governor from Arkansas won the nomination BY PROMISING TO CHANGE THE PARTY, AND TO CHANGE WELFARE AS WE KNOW IT.

I think the party - whether they know it or not - is right back there once again - in 1991; on the verge of extinction. To stay relevant and viable as a national party, they need to jettison Dean, Pelosi, Reid and Murtha from leadership and let the Lieberman/Warner/Richardson/Hoyer types take charge. PREDICTION: I think this will happen in the summer of next year.

UPDATE: More analysis of Left-wing insanity HERE (hat tip LGF)- specifically Left-wing lunacy based on COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. EXCERPT:
"Cognitive Dissonance" is the obvious* answer to Mirengoff's fascination over the "Forever Young" attributes of the 60's Dem generation. Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what one already believes, and incoming information. If the new information doesn't match up with existing beliefs, then something has to give way. Until it does, mental discomfort manifests. ...

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological discomfort, and the human reaction to eliminate the discomfort, experienced by 60's Dems who find themselves as part of the Establishment. A discomfort develops between their core political beliefs - which are largely based upon their coming of age during Vietnam, Watergate and the Civil Rights movement - and the facts and circumstances of the political world existing almost 40 years - 2 generations!- after Vietnam, Watergate and MLK.

Again: Modern facts don't match up with their 40-year old worldview. Alas, their brains are bombarded by daily doses of facts** that conflict with their core paradigms:


Pastorius said...

Here's my prediction. If the Repubs cannot convince Condi to run, then Hilary will be our next President.

Hilary holds an almost mythological fascination for the American people. She is our Eva Perron. She is a Medussa, the Queen Bitch we love to hate. Maybe, comprable to a political Liz Taylor.

Condi is the only story that the American public would rather have told to them.

And, her story is a healthy story for the American mythos. That she was born a poor black person in the South, that she was friends as a child with some of the children who were killed in KKK bombings, that her parents instilled love for all people and personal responsibility in her, and that she rose to the top of government on her own intelligence, and personal power.

I keep hearing Repubs say the Dems are killing themselves. This looks to be true, but Hilary is very, very smart, and she will kick our asses all up and down the block if WE don't get serious and stop thinking guys like Romney are going to do it for us.

It ain't gonna happen.

Reliapundit said...

hillary won't get the nomination.

it belogs to Warner and Richardson, with Vilsack as Veep if wither one of them declines thate second spot.

hillary is a northeastern lib senbator.
she is a guaranteed loser in the fall.
dems klnow this.

they will nominate a governor from the south or the west.

bredesen is another possibility. for either prez or veep.

and wesley clark could be a veep.

electability in the fall will rule primary season.

if it doesnt and if hillary gets the nomination, she will be easily defeated by:


at the top of the ticket


anyone of them or psooiby jeb at the bottom of the ticket.

long ago i predicted a ridge/jeb ticket.

i like jeb i the veep slot. it helps get the gop fla.

ridge is actually a great campaigner with a great CV. don;t go by his perf as sec of DHS. abd ridge gives you PA.

with PA and FLA the GOP wins. PERIOD.

of course, ridge would be a good veep for mccain or condi.

lately i have been feeling that RUDY has it all: he has proven he has the courage and values to lead.

remeber: he refused to meet with arafat even after oslo - well ahead of the curve,m he was right.

and rudy refused the 1o million from that saudi prince.

he has the tighuness and values to lead. and a great campaigner. lottsa baggage tho'.

mccain is way way way too liberal for me.

mccain woud be an ideal DEM candidate for prez.

with lieberman. or richardson. but this would NEVER happen. i suggest it just to point out how few "liberal hawks" there are in the dem party.

during a war this is a liability - to say the least.

happy new year!

Pastorius said...

Happy New Year to you too,

I hope you're right that Hilary will not get the nomination. I am convinced she could kick our asses. You say she is a Northeasterner, and, of course, in a sense you are correct. She is also a Southerner and she is from Illinois. She's got it covered in my opinion, and she knows how to spin it that way.

Plus she receives billions and billions of dollars in FREE ADVERTISING from the media.

Let me say, I love Giuliani and I would vote for him in a heartbeat, but, somehow, his charisma as a politician is like that of a TV star who can't make the transition to the big screen. He just isn't an exciting personality, from what I have seen, on the national stage. He comes off as boring.

I hope I am wrong on this.

I look at things in a different way than you. You're looking at them politically, and I am looking at them from the standpoint of a guy who has spent most of his life in Advertising and Media. From my perspective McCain, Romney, and many other candidates are unelectable because they simply do not look Presidential. I know that sounds shallow, but that's the way people are.

Anyway, I hope I am wrong and you are right.

Reliapundit said...

rudy's 2004 convention speech was the best - by far. he is a great candidate, who would give media guys like you ample footage PROVING he's presidential.

he has baggage: divorces, and kerik for sgarters. plus he is pro-choice. as is ridge.

mccain is likely to get it: it'z his turn.

with ridge or jeb or rudy or condi THEY'D BEAT HILLARY.

a landlslide.

i dislike mccain (because apart from being pro-life he is VERY LEFTWING), but I trust him on war issues. mostly.

though he favors land troops to much - in serbia and afghanoistan and iraq, and he was wrong on all three counts.

i predict:

McCain Bush


Warner Richarson.

i would prefer
Allen, Rudy, Condi or Ridge on the top of the ticket.

right now.

things change.