Friday, December 23, 2005


The Left is whining about the international intercepts which our CinC ordered against suspected Al Qaeda agents here and abroad.

They whine about this even though there is NO BETTER WAY TO PREVENT an attack here, than to intercept one that's being planned by an overseas al Qaeda operative and his sleeper cell INSIDE THE USA. This is the SINGLE BEST WAY TO DO IT.

Appearently, the Leftie doves and appeasers think that is NOT OKAY for the POTUS to use his constitutional powers as CinC in order to authorize the NSA to make those intercepts in a way that is MOST EFFECTIVE for the mission. They claim that these intercepts are (a) illegal; and (b) unconstitutional.

To stop the CinC and the NSA from gathering intelligence in this way (a way that some have known about for as long as FOUR YEARS!) these Lefties - (like Daschle and Reid and Pelosi and Boxer and Levin and Kennedy, AND THE EDITORS OF THE NYTIMES)- think it's OKAY TO (1) BREAK THE LAW (BY EXPOSING THESE INTERCEPTS); and to (2) EXPOSE SOURCES AND METHODS TO THE ENEMY.

AS USUAL, THE LEFT HAS THEIR PRIORITIES EXACTLY BACKWARDS --- that is IF you believe that defending the USA is a priority. PERHAPS THE LEFT DOESN'T!?

LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: this very same "anti-Iraq War" crowd now say that knowing what they know today (that Saddam apparently had NO WMD STOCKPILES) they WOULD NOT HAVE VOTED TO GO TO WAR AGAINST SADDAM. Their admitting that they'd have given SADDAM the benefit of the doubt. (Bush did not, and EXPLICITLY said he wouldn't give ther ebenfit of the doubt to a tyrant who had used WMD against his own people and his neighbors.)

YET... when it comes to these NSA intercepts, the Left won't give president the benefit of the doubt!

This controversy once again proves that this "anti-Iraq war" crowd fears Bush more than they fear Binladen. Which is INSANE. And WRONG. And, it jeopardizes our national defense. This controversy proves once again that the Democrats CANNOT be trusted with our national defense, and MUST NOT BE.

THESE LEFTIES NOW PROUDLY ADMIT that they'd appease insanely dangerous tyrants who support international terror, and THEY ADMIT that they wouldn't do everything possible to prevent more attacks. By voting Democrat you endanger the security of the nation and the Free World.

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