Monday, December 12, 2005


... a French court Friday acquitted 49 activists who destroyed GM plants after ruling their actions were justified. The court in the central city of Orleans dismissed the criminal charges of organised vandalism against the 49, who had uprooted GM maize in the region planted by the US biotechnology group Monsanto in two incidents, one last year and the other in 2005. "The defendants have shown proof that they committed an infraction of voluntary vandalism in a group to respond to a situation of necessity," the court said. ... One of the activists, Jean-Emile Sanchez, called the verdict "a huge victory for the anti-GM side" and said the judgement would form an important legal precedent.

The state prosecutor in the case, Alex Perrin, immediately said both his office and Monsanto would appeal the decision. He had pressed for prison terms of up to three months for each of the defendants, who included two Green Party politicians, one of whom, Yves Contassot, is a Paris deputy mayor in charge of environmental issues.
The friggin' DEPUTY MAYOR of Paris is a wacky GREEN LUDDITE, and the MAYOR A FRIGGIN' SOCIALIST! Sheesh. And the courts are upholding their irrational objections to GM crops AND their criminal behavior!

No wonder France is in decline: (1) They are UNABLE to defend their culture - or their streets - from islamothugs (who are taking over through both blatant intimidation (the intifada) and by insidous infiltration ("immigration withiout assimilation" and explosive population growth - which is, IRONICALLY, supported by the welfare state!). (2) They see more danger to their culture from American movies and music and GM foods than they do from the rapid increase of atheism (in France - which was once VERYT Catholic), or the rpaid increase of Islam in France.

Seinfeld said: "The French fought harder to keep Disney out than they did the Nazis." NOW... they fight harder against the USA than they do the islamothugs. If this keeps up, they will surely be unrecognizable as French in fifty years. Notre Dame will become a mosque. Only Sarkozy MIGHT save them.

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