Saturday, November 12, 2005


BBC: "Police in the French city of Lyon have fired tear gas to break up groups of youths who hurled stones and bins hours before a curfew was due to begin. Police on the city's famous Place Bellecour square made two arrests in what state news agency AFP says is the first rioting in a major city centre. "

When things ACTUALLY GET WORSE - as this story indicates - the Left and the MSM they still dominate CANNOT keep the BAD NEWS entirely quashed; (besides, in this age of Citizen Journalism, WE WON'T LET THEM!).

This riot ramps things up. The response of the french government shouhold get ramped up, too. But perhaps Chirac and Villepin are not capable of doing what's necessary. If they do nothing more, then they should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.

Ultimately, though, it's up to the French people: The French people will either surrender or fight. THERE IS NO THIRD WAY. The only question is: HOW they will fight, and for HOW LONG? Will they surrender AFTER a short fight (due to a lack of resolve and/or the inability to muster the courage to battle PCness let alone a determined enemy) - or will they hang in there. Time will tell . Stay tuned...

More links HERE. And other views HERE and HERE. AP:
Paris Tightens Security Around Landmarks -- Thousands of Parisian police guarded the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees and train stations on Saturday, as part of emergency measures enacted in response to text messages and Internet postings that called for "violent actions" in the capital. In Lyon, France's third largest city, police fired tear gas to disperse stone-hurling youths at the historic Place Bellecour. It was the first time in 17 days of unrest that youths clashed with police in a major city.
Paris alert for 'biggest riot ever' -- Intercepted text messages lead police chief to draft in 3,000 men and ban gatherings. Central Paris was under siege yesterday as thousands of police guarded key tourist sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysées and enforced emergency laws, including a ban on groups of people gathering. The capital's prefect of police, Pierre Mutz, said the record deployment of some 3,000 officers was in response to a barrage of text messages and weblogs thought to have come from youths linked to the previous 16 nights of unrest in the city's suburbs. They called for 'the biggest riot ever seen'.
Things are GETTING WORSE there, not better... stay tuned...

[ASIDE: The same UK GUARDIAN article closed with this:
"Today, the National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is due to appear on RTL radio in advance of a demonstration in central Paris by his supporters tomorrow. Many believe the riots have played into the hands of extremists such as Le Pen."
To the Left, the rioters are the aggrieved party, and those who have predicted this intifada - like Le Pen - are extremists. Maybe what Le Pen has been proposing regarding immigration all these years ONLY SEEMED EXTREME at the time!? Maybe now many of his proposals are APT - if they're not too late!

REMEMBER: from 1930-1939 most Brits thought Winston Churchill was a jingoist and warmonger unecessarily ramping up fear of tyrants on the continent, like Herr Hitler. In fact, Churchill was one of the lone critics of the Munich Agreement which ceded the Sudatenland to Nazism. Now we see that he was right the whole time. Hindsight is like that.

While it is certainly true that Le Pen proposes many abhorrent policies, he was 99% right on immigration. To call him an extremist in this context is wrong - just as it is wrong to color the politics of the situation as clearly benefitting Le Pen.

Sarkozy is just as tough on the immigrant problem - (PLUS: he's the son of immigrants himself!) - without the obvious and abhorrent Le Pen "baggage" - and, in fact, he is the frontrunner for 2007.

So, why didn't the Left-wing Guardian write that ther riots benefits him!?
Could it be that the Leftist Guardian doesn't want to promote a right-of-center candidate WHO CAN ACTUALLY WIN!? Could it be that they would like a Le Pen versus Villepin race in 2007 (because that's the only way (a) Villepin can win! and (b) Sarkozy can lose!)!?



Pastorius said...

There for a second, I thought you had lost your mind, and that you were going to make a case for Le Pen.

Yes, Sarkozy is Europe's hope. Although, the guy in Denmark is doing a very good job too, from what I can tell.

Here's what I fear: that the French in this frightful time, will be seduced by a guy like Le Pen. It has happened in Europe before, and you have to wonder if they really have changed.

What do you think, Reliapundit?

Reliapundit said...

pasto -

1 - i made the post less vague to make it more clear i do not endorse le pen.

2 - le pen only made the final run off last time becasue the Left split into many factons.

this splintering of the left BEGAN right after Jospin went to lebanon and condemned islamoterrorism. the very left-left condemned jospin and he began to slip and never recovered. as a rsult of this schism, the anti-semites of the french left ran against jospin -instead of unting behind him and le pen slipped by.

this won;t happen again.

the person left FEARS most is sarkozy. becasue sarkozy openly embraces thatcherism/reaganism and hayekian economics.

so they are doing whatever they can to hurt sarkozy whnever they can: mistranslating "racaille" etc.

and building up le pen as "the arch enemy of immigrants." this way, they hope to SPLIT the "anti-immigrant/touhg on immigrant" vote, and stregnthen villepin.

even though it is his natural position. it will be tough for sarkozy to TRIANGULATE between villepin and le pen - BECAUSE OF THE left-wing MSM.

the left knows they cannot win outright, so they prefer villepin to sarkozy.

if this analysyi is corrct, the we can expect more and more and more anti-sarkozy propaganda.

stay tuned.

denamark's rightwing is okay. as is the rightwing in hoilland. both need strengthening.

the brit rightwing is a disaster. right no it matters not: for blair is a liberal hawk (who has absorbed MOSt of thatcherism). BUT BROWNE MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO/ BE STROINMG ENOUGH TO SQULELCH THE LEFTWING LABOR BACK BENCHERS.

andf thereforee, if labor wins again - with browne at the top of the ticket, ALL BETS ARE OFF. the UK might become the next spain.

merkel is weak. an imporvement but onyl marginally.
they need new elections in germany to cleare this up.

ALSO: israel is headed for an electoral showdown.

i think that bibni miught win the likud and peretz labor - and then peres and sharon will form a thrid party. (they are old dear friends of each other.)

and in such a race, anything could happen.

it will be a sad day when the well-meaning but disastrous peres and the brilliant and unfairly maligned sharon leave the stage. they are giants. from a generation of giants.

Pastorius said...

Thanks for all the info. I didn't know Sarkozy was a Hayekian. That's great news.

As for Sharon, I agree the guy is great. I don't understand all the right-wingers who criticize him. I think his strategy is obvious and brilliant.

Anonymous said...

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