Tuesday, November 08, 2005


(1) MORE DENIAL/MSNBC/FINANCIAL TIMES: By Roula Khalaf and Martin Arnold -
Despite attempts by some French government officials to play up the Muslim background of many of the youth rioting during the past two weeks, community leaders and analysts say the troubles should not be confused with a crisis of religious identity. "These events and these actions did not come out of mosques," says Lhaj Thami Breze, chairman of the Union of French Islamic Organisations, a group that has links with the Muslim Brotherhood, the international Islamist movement. ... Linking the unrest to a potentially intensifying terrorist threat, as some officials have sought to do in recent days, thus appears to be an exaggeration. ... "But this isn't the Palestinian intifada, there's no Middle Eastern connotation to the riots. The rioters aren't defining an identity, except that of their neighborhoods," he says. "It's a revolt of youth, of young men, an anti-police and anti-society movement, in a very French tradition of anarchism," argues Olivier Roy, French expert on Islamist groups. "It's an expression of a youth sub-culture, not tied to Islam. And not all the rioters are Muslims." ... "Many Muslims are surprised and regret that ...some Muslim organisations such as the UFIO think they can invoke God's name in a call for calm," said Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris and head of the Muslim Council, which is close to the government.
D'ya think that the denial has ANYTHING to do with the one of the reporter's ethnicity and their sourcing!? DUH.

(2) MORE PROOF/NZ HERALD: Leading Arab cleric calls for calm in France
DOHA - Influential Muslim cleric Youssef al-Qaradawi has called for calm in French riots led by disaffected immigrants, many of them Muslims of North African origin. Qaradawi, dean of an Islamic college in Qatar known to millions of Arabic speakers through a weekly show on the Al Jazeera television, also called on the French government to address the root causes of the violence. "As Arabs and Muslims we wish for security, safety and peace for France and its friendly people, not least because France has an attitude towards Arab and Islamic issues which is just and free from American domination," the agency quoted him as saying late on Monday. "He (Qaradawi) called on Muslim religious and political leaders in France to intensify their efforts and their calls for calm," the agency said. ... Qaradawi often addresses the situation of Muslim communities living in Western countries in his Al Jazeera appearances. Though seen as a moderate in the Arab world, pro-Israeli groups in the West have attacked him for backing Palestinian suicide bombings and attacks on Israeli civilian targets.
SO NOW TELL ME "MSM GENIUSES": Why for the effin' love of life would a goshdarn bigshot mullah from the "banlieues of Arabia" (Qatar) open his mouth to ask for calm if the perps were NOT mostly Muslim and mostly the kind of Muslims who would respond to a Qatari mullahs appeal!? Or is this mullah directing his appeal to the CATHOLIC rioters!?


BESIDES (as Brit Hume pointed out last night on FOX - [PARAPHRASING!]): Wouldn't these islamothugs have a better chance at getting jobs in France if they went to school instead of dropping out, and if they chose to assimilate instead of choosing to go nativistic!? And who's to blame for that? Can anyone reasonably blame the French government because a sub-group has refused for 20 years to dilligently attempt to assimiliate and to attempt to better their own friggin' lives, and who have instead chosen a life of religious fanaticism, crime and subversiveness?

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