Saturday, November 05, 2005


The uninvited Castro and long-dead Che are the heros of the RIOTERS in mar del Plata. Along with Leftist "strongman" HUGO CHAVEZ. (More on rioting HERE and HERE)

FITTING: those who oppose trade and foreign investment (the very things which lifted Red China out of poverty and starvation, for example) LOVE 2 murderous tyrannical Leftists - and one aspiring one! Castro and Che bequeathed nothing but suffering: When Castro took over Cuba it was the richest nation in the Caribbean - now it is the second poorest - only Haiti is worse. That's no surprise: tyranny reaps poverty; propserity is the by-product of liberty!

These anti-trade/anti-American rioters HATE BUSH. That's fitting too: he's the democratically elected leader of a FORMER COLONY COMPRISED OF IMMIGRANTS WHICH - BECAUSE OF LIBERTY AND TRADE - IS THE RICHEST NATION ON EARTH! We stand for everything they hate. And all the other former colonies that have become free AND RICH: Canada; Australia; India; China - they ALL became richer with the INCREASE OF LIBERTY AND TRADE. Despite "the legacy of colonialism."

The former colonies which are less free are less rich: from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe to Cuba, to Vietnam, and so on. The former satelites/colonies of the USSR are perfect examples, too: their standards of living - LOW UNDER LEFTIST REGIMES - went up as they became more open, more free, and traded more.

And "standard of living" for the masses is what Leftism (Marxism, socialism; Maoism; Stalinism etc) was supposedly ALL ABOUT. Yet time after time after time Leftism has FAILED TO DELIVER THE GOODS. This doesn't stop Leftists from hawking their SNAKE OIL! As they're doing in Mar del Plata.

And when the Leftists parade - RIOT, I should say - with posters of CHE - and when they chant anti-trade tirades, the Leftists PROVE they have it EXACTLY BACKWARDS. They in fact support policies which make things worse, and they oppose policies which make things better. YUP: The Left has it EXACTLY BACKWARDS. They always do!

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