Sunday, November 06, 2005



This is from an astoundingly good post from NO PASARAN - my first stop for French reportage on the Paris Intifada
Nicolas Sarkozy was deliberately demonized in the TV reports of him using his strong language earlier in the week. In fact, there was footage available showing Sarkozy using the word “racaille” (riff-raff) while speaking to an inhabitant of Clichy-sous-Bois who herself had just used the word while expressing how fed up she was with local crime.

Sarko answered her using her own words. In politics, that’s a way of communicating empathy. Her words were edited out and never shown in the insuing days. His weren’t. “Arrêt sur Images” showed the whole exchange today.

Mr. Sarkozy was filmed quietly and calmly speaking to youths from Clichy who were apparently very deferential toward him (calling him Monsieur), eager to talk to him and seemed impressed that he was willing to leave himself unprotected by bodyguards in order to spend some time with them. In a what amounts to a ghetto that’s a sincere display of trust.

That footage didn’t make the news programs simply because the Provisional wing of the CGT got in the way of honest journalism. It didn’t suit their political agenda, and through its’ heavy ideological editing fanned the flames you might see in your nearest car park or bus depot.
The MSM in France is EVIDENTLY as bad and as Leftist and as anti-Amercian as any in Arabia. I think we should call them "Le Jazeera."


Anonymous said...

It is a mistake to be blaming the riot on muslims and islam. The issues are far more wideranging than such a limited and shallow view!

Ask yourself why there are anti-americans in arabia?

Reliapundit said...


of it is not a Muslim problem, then why are the french government officials meeting with imams in mosques in order to quell the initfada?

also: many many arabs ands muslkim love america - and justifiably so: we SAVED kuwait, and saudi arabia - and we saved the muslim kosovars. and we saved muslims in the wake of the tsunami. and we saved afghani muslims who were not wahhabists. and we liberated lebanon.

we also push for turkish membership to the EU.

AND OF COURSE WE LIBERATED IRAQ - enabling shias to worship freely for the first time in several generations!

the USA is the best friends muslims and arabs have ever had.

and the fact that yyou don;t see that is terrible. it makes americans like me regrett we helped you. it makes you seem like an ingrate. shouldn't good muslims be grateful for the help they receive!?

and of course: all this has nothing to do with what is happening in the banlieues.

what is happeing there is INTERNATIONAL JIHAD against all who are not muslim by islamothugs.

i say islamothugs so as not to confuse them with the majority of muslims who do not riot and terrorize and torch cars etc etc etc.

you should condemn them - and not me or the usa.

you shpuld condem all the islamofascists and jihadioterrorists.

why don't you!? you are either
brainwashed by jihadoterroists or if not, then tell me: are you a true muslim who hates the USA and infidels and wants us all to be dhimmis?

i wish you were not brainwashed.