Thursday, November 10, 2005


Many in France, and on the Left elsewhere - (and in the MSM the Left still dominates), are blaming the recent Paris Intifada on entrenched poverty, discrimination and unemployment within the IMMIGRANT community. They say this in spite of the fact that MOST of the youths rioting are 2nd-3rd GENERATION FRENCHMEN! And in spite of the fact that many - if not most - of the great "Frenchmen" of recent times - true contributors of French culture, if not ICONS of France - were IMMIGRANTS or 1st generation French! IN OTHER WORDS: France DOESN'T have an "immigrant problem"; the "immigrants in the banlieues" (most of whom were BORN IN FRANCE) have a France problem! Here are a few of the icons of French culture who were NOT ETHNICALLY FRENCH:
Jean Luc Godard is Swiss. Jacques Tati was Ukrainian. Yves Montand was Italian. Charles Aznavour was Armenian. Albert Camus was Algerian. Jacques Brel was Belgian. Napoleon was Italian. Le Corbusier was Swiss. Sarah Bernhardt was Dutch-Jewish. Josephine Baker was African-American. Isabelle Adjani is German-Turkish/Algerian. Irene Jacob is Swiss. Paul Gaugin was Peruvian. Eugène Ionesco was Romanian. UPDATE --- AND OF COURSE: Zinedine Zidane - is a French-ALGERIAN, a man who led the French "soccer" team to victory in the World Cup in 1998, (when I was studying in Paris) - a team IDOLIZED AND CELEBRATED for its multi-ethnicity. UPDATE #2: NICHOLAS SARKOZY - chief of the UMP (Chirac's party) and Interior Minister IS THE SON OF HUNGARIAN IMMIGRANTS - his parents were refugees from communist Hungary.
And this list is incomplete! So what does this list prove? That assimilation HAS BEEN A BIG part of French culture - recent culture, too. And that immigrants (and the children of immigrants) have made HUGE contributions to what Frenchmen call "French Culture." This reinforces my view that the problem is NOT with France, French culture or the French bureaucracy. The problem IS NOT that France doesn't want immigrants or mistreats immigrants, or that it doesn't lavish enough welfare on immigrants.

The problem is with these particular immigrants. REPEAT: The problem is with THESE immigrants - the problem is that the islamothugs of the banlieues DON'T WANT TO ASSIMILATE.

If they did then they would - AT THE VERY LEAST - attend and graduate from highschool, and they wouldn't terrorize their sisters for NOT wearing hijabs. What these islamothugs DO want is to carve out a private fiefdom - PARISTAN - for themselves and their islamogangs. A fiefdom where THEY are the authority and French cops are not allowed.

These islamothugs of France must be defeated - and with them, the idea that immigrants ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE (from England to Denmark to Sweden to Italy --- EVERYWHERE!) don't have to assimilate. IOW: My motto is: "No immigration without assimilation!" Not here. Not in France. Not anywhere. And if they don't like it, then they can GO HOME!


Stevin said...

Well said. It is human nature to ignore a problem until the problem becomes destructive. Hopefully, France will become wise, and realize that the problem they face is shared by the rest of the world. But, to be completely honest, I have enormous doubts.

dirty dingus said...

Apart from Zidane (and Baker) all of those you mention were white not "beur". There are very clearly faults on both sides. I agree the "beur" dont assimilate but they could use a little help. France is, I regret to say, unbelievably racist and racist discrimination in the awarding of jobs etc etc really really doesn't help.

I've been writing a lot about this at my blog

Reliapundit said...


you wrote:

'I agree the "beur" dont assimilate but they could use a little help. "


(1) NONE of the people I listed got any help.
(2) NO HELP will work if those to who the help is directed DON'T WANT IT.
(3) "awarding" jobs!?!?!? spoken like a ture statist. jobs are earned. if the islamothugs don;'t go to school let alone graudate, how in the "eff" do they expect to get jobs!?
(4) this "BEUR" line is PURE BS: decades ago italians and slavs and irish and jews were ALL looked down upon by the ruling elites everywhere. they all fought their way in WITHOUT qoutas or "race-based" handouts. NOW these groups are "IN" and merely considered WHITE by the ruling class.
the islamothugs want special treatment.


Blog World said...

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soldarumbede said...

I'm an immigrant i do live in the banlieues and i'm Muslim, my English is far from perfect but i must answer to your article.What Americans often forget when talking about immigration problems in France, is the weight of France Colonial past things are not as simple as you say,I know you are American and you learned to fear islam and muslims.I'll trye to explain you why African immigrants in France cannot be compared to others.First of all there is no racial mixity as there is nothing harder for blacks and Arabs than housing,which lead them to live in Ghettos only populated by immigrants. second the education system in France which is supposed to give equal chances to everybody do not exist.I've had the opportunity when i was fifteen to go to Sénegal where i stayed until my high school graduation, i'm now a student in a engineer school.While those i grew up with ,who stayed in France hardly reached graduation.And as soon as i gets my diploma i'll leave this country where i know i'll never be respected

soldarumbede said...
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