Saturday, November 05, 2005


The Paris Intifada spreads. Some in France are calling for more dialog (Leftists and "moderate Msulims"), as if that would stop the islamothugs from spreading their mayhem.

Others - like me - have called for a stepped up MILITARY response; we think that the French police have been patient enough. (They should treat the banlieus the way the US Marines treated Fallujah and the IDF treated Jenin.)

Yesterday, Sarkozy - a pale shadow of Rudy, but France's best version nevertheless - threatened the islamothugs with "stiff jail sentences." This threat seems UTTERLY STUPID to me. Besides mosques, prisons are the jihadoterrorists best recruiting grounds!

But perhaps there is a THIRD WAY:

France and the EU can offer a bounty to the residents of the banlieus: in return for them renouncing their French citizenship and A ONE-WAT TICKET back to their nation of origin, France could pay each 10,000 euros. They'd have to agree NEVER TO RETURN TO THE EU.

This would be a bloodless, non-violent, non-cronfrontational way to get them out and keep them out. (It's not unlike how the Israelis got the settlers out of Gaza.)

In spite of the fact that there are 5 million Muslims in France - many of whom (but NOT ALL of whom) live in the banlieues, this wouldn't be as costly as it seems at first. WHY?! Well, this sub-group has, by some measures, a 25% unemployment rate (50% among young men!) and since France has very generous unemployment insurance... KEEPING these people in France ALSO HAS ITS COSTS!

Look at it this way: instead of payng these islamothugs "once a month" to reside in these slums and stay in France - (as France now does, in effect), France could pay them a LUMP SUM to get out and stay out.

There'd be other BIG SAVINGS: reduced property losses, and fewer casualites. And the emptied banlieues could be privatized as condos - (generating some more income for the government, and off-setting some of the costs of getting the islamothugs to leave).

ARE YOU LISTENING CHIRAC!? Villepin?! Sarkozy!?

UPDATE/ADDENDUM: The reason I thought of this approach is because France CAN'T deport most of these islamothugs because they're "citoyens." This is a novel way to "deport" this islamomalcontents/misfits/subversives; it's a sort of "VOLUNTARY EXILE." I have a feeling that with a check for 10,000 euros many Muslim nations might take these reverse-immigrants - and some of them might make some good of themselves... well a few. Maybe. ALSO: Other EU nations could use the same method. Denmark, the UK, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden - all the EU countries with large maladjusted Msulimpopulations... It's really NOT a horrible idea; after all, I'm only suggesting that they offer money to these malcontents so they can go HOME - or go back to their ancestral home.

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