Friday, November 11, 2005



Well, if there were NO SUV's around 55 million years ago - and if nobody burned fossil fuels and since there was no man-made "greenhouse effect," then what caused this (hat tip Drudge):
"...research by vertebrate paleontologist Jonathan Bloch and colleagues suggests land plants changed drastically during a period of sudden global warming 55 million years ago."
Could periodic global warming and cooling - AKA CLIMATE CHANGE - be NATURALLY OCCURING?! GEE: Whooodathunkit.


Anonymous said...

There Are Natural Greehouse Gases that caused a mass extiction 55 million years ago. It was because of an unstable planet, I.E massive volcanic eruptions, release of massive amounts of Methane into the Oceans, etc...

However, the science remains the same, If you release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which we all are doing, then global warming is immanant. Scientists have not as of yet discovered anything that suggests a natural global warming in the manner you discribe. And I suppose you'll claim it to be a coincidence that this period of warming started during the Industrial revolutions of developed countries.

Anonymous said...

"Scientists have not as of yet discovered anything that suggests a natural global warming in the manner you discribe." (sic)"And I suppose you'll claim it to be a coincidence that this period of warming started during the Industrial revolutions of developed countries."

So the fact that the ice age, in the fading end of which we currently live, has been receding for the past few thousand years means nothing? You do know that North America and Europe were once covered with glaciers down to about the 40th parallel, don't you? You do know that those glaciers melted don't you? You do know that the earth had to warm up for the glaciers to melt, right? So why did the earth warm up, was it the fault of North America neolithic hunter-gatherers? Are you really going to blame the cave-men? Because that's pretty much your only other option if you're not going to admit the truth. Liberals are so stupid.

Reliapundit said...

i-m man;
great comeback and great moniker.

Anonymous said...

Improbulus Maximus, perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully.

I ment to say there is CURRENTLY no evidence that the natural Natural greenhouse Gases currently being exposed to the atmosphere should be causing the rapid rise in global temperatures, the math doesn't add up, human intervention is the only other possible component, unless Yellowstone has erupted without my knowlage.

Yes, I do know about the Ice age I am not a complete moron as you seem to make me out to be, or any one with a different philosophy then you for that matter, and no, I Never said I blamed cave men for global warming you idiot. Do not put words in my mouth, and do not jump to conclusions if you want to be taken serious in any form of political or scientific debate..

and last of all, I am NOT a liberal. Liberalism supports total change, I view change as a distructive process that should only be administered when neccessary, if somthing works, why not Keep it?
Believe it or not I am actually a registered REPUBLICAN.

Reliapundit said...


there is NO PROOF that regional increases in average temperature is:

(a) outside the range of changes in the past - BEFORE the fossil fuel era


(b) man-made.

in fcat, ther are regions that are getting colder and where ice.snow is bulding up.

when attila crossed the alps there was no glacier there.

mt fuji and kilimajoaro have both been snowlees in the last century..


and google mount kilinajaor at my blog. you'll get a good article which will open you eyes.

to the fact that global warming is a left wing hoax to increase statist intervention into outr lives.

it is a hoax - one they believe - like the idiotic claims they made in the 1970's that we were headed to GLOBAL COOLING!

anf the one inj the 19070's that we were running oiut of food and water and fuel.

they are ALWAYS wrong.


the left are always 180degrees wrong.

they always have it exactly oppoisite from the truth.

Anonymous said...

you can call it a hoax all you want just like you did with the trade defficite, but look at any scientific study and it'll show that the current admition of Natural greenhouse gas is not enough to keep in as much heat as we are in. Watch the science or discovery channel, read a book, oh wait, you'll probably tell me all that is a left wing conspericy to destroy the american economy.

Global cooling will come as a result of global warming, read the book "The Day After Tommarow" (The movie is good too, but the book goes into more science)

The cooler water from melting ice caps can and will disrupt the atlantic currents, the book exadurates the cooling process alot, but what else can you expect from a distaster novel?

And If you took time to look at the perposals of the other side, you'll see they don't want us to just suddenlystop all fossil fuel burning, they encourage reasearch into better means of electricity.

such as hybrid cars, solar or geothermal electricity, etc...

and in the 1970's the fuel shortage was because of oil companies, but it should have been a wake up call on just how dependant on oil we are, and that there is a finite amount of oil on this planet, so eventually you'll have to find a new way of geting electricity, so, why not now?

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