Saturday, October 01, 2005


The islamofascists bombed Bali - and killed 25 people. As a result, Bali has annouced it will withdraw all their troops from Iraq.

Oooooooooooooooooops. They don't have troops in Iraq. Hmmm. Huh. Er... um, could it be the islamofascists have other aims, and are not merely attacking people in revenge for toppling Saddam?! Could it be that they MEAN what they say when they say - since 1998 - that they want to re-establish the Caliphate and will kill or convert anyone who gets in their way, and that they are only limited by their means and not by any conventions, and that they are more than willing to commit genocide and kill innocent bystanders!?



Kyle said...

How can you be so naive? It is all because of the many human rights abuses of Tony Blair, the warmongering of G W Bush and the evil zionist entity of Ariel Sharon. If we just stop persecuting the poor islamics they will love us and thank us and everything will be sunshine and gumdrops.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call them Islmo-Facists. Military rule isn't their aim; their Aim is theocratic rule similar to the Taliban. So a more appropriate term might be, Islamic extremists, or Islamic Theocrats.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, I probably am, but it seems to me that you peg the entire Islamic religion to be hostile and genocidal.

This is hardly the case as those who conduct these terror attacks misinterpret their own religion greatly as the Koran preaches Peace with others.

The terrorists can be related in the same way with people who stand outside the funeral of a murdered homosexual with Signs that Say "GOD HATES FAGS" when they misinterpret the bibles preaching of "Love the Sinner, Hate the sin" and the fact that entry into their heaven isn't based on sin, but on their love of God, and the grace and mercy of God.

Islamic extremists misinterpret the teachings of the Koran in a similar way, the Koran preaches the same Ideals of Grace and Mercy of God, but like Christianity, and Judaism, it preaches that it is the one true religion, and that’s the part the Islamic Extremists focus on, and therefore want to destroy or convert any one who is not Islamic, forgetting that their Allah has lower levels of heaven, but still heaven for the misguided, not Hell.

Reliapundit said...


thnaks for stopping by and commenting.




er um: if islam is REALLY an okay religion, ecumenical and peraceful and al that, then why dothe baddies all QUOTE the Koran, and why do REFORMERS (like that canadian lesbian - i forget her name right now) all say that the poroblem with the baddies is that they are LITERALISTS.

well er um, if they are LITERALLY following the Koran then we HAVE to admit thsat the Koran is LTERALLY the problem. in other words: the problem is NOT thatb tney "misinterpret" the Koran,. but that they take it to mean what it says it means.

to me this PROVES the problem is ULTIMATELY with the religion itself.

and as for the term ISLAMOFASCISM:

it is VERY accurate.

fascism was a socialist form of totalitarianism which most closely resembles what al qaeda wants.

fascism and batthism and binladenism are al VERY VERY VERY close.

check out a thread at big lizars if you want more on this - or read JIHAD WATCH everyday.

all the best!

please: keep posting comments - no matter what: debate/argument is good!

Anonymous said...

Fundamentalists in most religions completely misinterpret the main points of their religion. Most muslims that I have met say that Islam and the Koran have many teachings against violence. It is only the fundamentalists that think otherwise. Part of the problem is that all religions contradict themselves in some places. Fundamentalists choose the parts of their religion that they are interested in and ignore the rest. For example, Judaism has descriptions of how the Jews were supposed to kill everyone that lived in Israel. I'm sure that there are some Jewish fundamentalists that believe they are doing God's will by killing muslims in Israel. That does not make it right, and it does not mean that Judaism is an evil religion. Some Christian fundamentalists killed many people in the crusades and the inquisition (and more recently by bombing abortion clinics), but that does not make Christianity an evil religion. Liekwise, the fact that there is a large and violent fundamentalist movement in Islam does not mean that it is a bad religion. Most likely it is the result of some kind of socio-economic problem that makes people feel hopeless, such that killing themselves for eternal glory seems like a better idea than living peacefully. Terrorism is almost always an act of desperation. Terrorists are evil, bad people who should at least be imprisoned (and arguably should be killed), but the means they use for recruiting are not necessarily evil things.

If Islam actually taught that people should be violent terrorists, then the problem would be much larger. There are over a billion muslims in the world, which is about 1/6 of the world's population. If they decided they were all going to be terrorists, they could easily acquire enough atomic bombs to destroy the world. The fact that most of them are not interested in killing themselves or other people suggests that Islam is mostly a peaceful religion that has a few texts that can be twisted to suggest that violence is right.

What would help a lot would be if the moderate Islamic leaders (their equivalent of priests and rabbis, something like Imams) spoke out loudly and clearly about all the parts of the Koran that condemn violence. That would weaken the fundamentalists' case, which would make it harder to convince muslims to kill themselves for religious glory. The failure of the Islamic leadership to make this point clearly every time they get a chance should be condemned, but the religion itself is not the problem.


PS - Not all fundamentalists are bad. But I've never heard of a fundamenalist movement that has not ignored large portions of their religion's texts so that they can make their point more strongly. Most fundamentalist groups are not advocating violence and destruction. It's just that violence and destruction are more noticable, so those are the fundamentalists you hear about.

Anonymous said...

They only quote the parts of the Koran that fits thier beliefs much as the Hate groups Quote parts of the Bible that demonizes homosexuality, they Mis interpret their own religion.

Anonymous said...

and Facism refers to MILITARY RULE, they have no interest in military rule, but RELIGIOUS RULE. theres a difference, socialist, maybe, but that refers to Totalitarianism in general, not to facism specificly. You are right, they are very close, but they are not the same, each one has different charictoristics that make it unique.

Binlodenism as you call it, has the goal of the world being ruled by extramist religious leaders, not by a military.

and that canadian lesbian your refering to must have a misguided sence of the Koran, because I've read the Koran many times, and I can find the parts of it that the extreamists take litterally, but I can also find the parts of it that say those parts are not to be carried out threw violence, a part many of the extreamists seem to forget, just as many christians forget, that while in their religion homosexuality is a sin, it does not advocate murdering them, or torturing them, in any way, just as many seem to forget that their God cares little about sin, but more about the love of his creations.

Reliapundit said...

fascism is not militarism. the japos in ww2 were kiltarists.

mussolini wasn't.

yhe crix of fascism is the "FASCI" a bundle os straws.

a sinlge straw is frail, a bundle - a fasdcvi - cannot be broken.

fascvism is all about subverting inoidvisualism to the state.



nazism and marxiss and mussolinism are all SOCIALIST and fascist.and statist.

birds of a feather.

binladenism subsitutes the koran for mien kampf or das kapital or whatever statist creed yopu choose.

binladenism says individulas must be subverted to a totalitarian egime informed by one source and which uses gemocidal violence to enforece it's totlatiltyarian tyranny.

hitler was anti-marx and racists and ntaionalist; hitler was not anti-socialist.

binladen would use mullahs instead of commie party aparatchik and a politburo, but ESSENTIUALLY it's ALL TGHE SAME:

tyrannical totalitarian statism in whioch an "BETTER INFORMED ELITE" makles all the decisuoins for the better goodf of all.

hillary clinotn is in this camp.

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