Friday, September 09, 2005


These two items make me VERY suspicious, and a little worried:

SO... WHAT DO THEY KNOW? Or fear? I think they might know something very bad is planned to coincide with the UN General Assembly convention - and/or the anniversary of 9/11. AND: while a lot of our resources are focused on the Gulf Coast.

I hope the FBI is reading this...

[ASIDE: Ariel Sharon will be attending. If he cancels, then I am staying out of town!]

UPDATE - 9/9/05: BBC: "French President Jacques Chirac has been advised by his doctors not to travel by air for six weeks, the Defence Ministry said. The advice means the French leader is set to miss the UN general assembly in New York on 14-16 September."

My "gaming" of these (now three) major, sudden cancellations is becoming more serious; now I must wonder aloud: Is this too a cover story?! Has Chirac and France's intel' community's vast contacts in the "radical" and "militant" Arab-Muslim world led them to discover that a major attack on NY and/or the UN is planned to coincide with the General Assembly convention?! I believe that IF this were the case that the French intel' agencies would inform the CIA and FBI - so this scenario is UNLIKELY. Nevertheless, this rash of last minute cancellations is puzzling. Maybe it's really due to the VOLKER REPORT - which has proven that the UN is a hugely inept, wasteful and thoroughly corrupt organization (which is responsible for the biggest financial scandal of all time! $100BILLION stolen!) - having also made the UN opening a bad PR event and therefore a waste of time.

UPDATE #2 - 9/9: "Reuters" - "Iran's speaker cancels US trip over visa delay. The speaker of Iran's parliament yesterday cancelled plans to visit New York for a UN meeting because of delays in receiving a US visa, state television quoted a senior official as saying. "

Hmmm... This beginning to get interesting...


Pastorius said...

You know, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was given a Visa to attend that function. It's highly unlikely that Assad would know anything Ahmadinejad didn't know. So, the real test is, if Ahmadinejad doesn't show up.

Reliapundit said...

maybe he and his entourage are the "martyrs"?!

Pastorius said...

I thought about that. He did say something about martydom being the highest form of art a month back. He seemed sold on it's nobility. However, he would be the first world leader to put himself in harms way in many a moon.

Reliapundit said...
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Reliapundit said...

yeah. i deleted my own comment.
i wrote somethuing that was too vague.

here's what i need to say - IT'S PURE CONJECTURE/GAMING:

the iranian prez is flying into ny on an iranian air jet.

the jet might be a martyr's weapon - like 9/11 - only this time, it could carry an iranian nuke.

Pastorius said...

Ok. Interesting. Why would the leader of Iran be flying on a commercial plane? Does he ordinarily do so? How would arriving on a commercial plane help him carry out an attack? Obviously, he doesn't need to actually be on the plane. He could send a look-alike. But, he doesn't need to go commercial to do this.

The only advantage I can think of to a commercial jet would be deniability after the fact.

Ahmadinejad's election is interesting in retrospect, especially if he were to pull off an operation like this. He came out of nowhere to win over people who polled much better than him. Therefore, we know his election was a fraud.

As bad as the mullahs are, they hadn't pulled off a fraud like that previously, to my knowledge.

There has been much speculation as to why they did so this time. The idea has been floated that they brought him in to signal their complete unwillingness to bend to the will of the U.S.

It's frightening to think that it may have been something far more crude: Namely, that they brought in a known terrorist to implement an ultimate terrorist attack.

Can you imagine the Monday-morning quarterbacks on that one?

You got a place to stay? I'm out in Cali. Can't help you.

Man, do I ever hope you are wrong on this one.

Pastorius said...

By the way, I know you aren't saying you are right about this. Like you wrote, it's just conjecture.

I agree with you initial post, though. If other ME leaders decide to cancel their trips, it might mean something. Two could be a conincidence. But, the more you add from there, the more worrisome it becomes.

Reliapundit said...

i think that he is is one of the worst of a bad lot.

and since it is a fact that iran is one of the major centers and originators of contempoary jihadism, he must be seen as a major threat. his vist muist be scrutinized and gamed.

that's why i am gaming the situation. i am suspicious of iran and him. and the cancellations.

maybe the iranians will use his visit to smuggle things in for later use.

ALSO: iw onder, will he visit ground zero?

and, will he be fingerd and arrested when he lands? or, will he be fingered and sued by former hostages?

i'd say the odds of this scenario happening are quite low. but it can be investigated. maybe we can flyover his plane before it enbters out airspace, and then maybe we can ascertain (by scanning it for radiation) if it's carrying any isotopes/bombs?

dunno. like i said: i'm just gaming them. as you pointed out: if there are more arab muslim cancellations, then we got something to worry about...

Pastorius said...

Here's something else:

SARAJEVO, September 9 (FENA) – BiH Human Rights and Refuges Minister Mladen Ivanic will leave for New York on September 13 where he will attend the UN General Assembly session starting one day later.

Here's the link:


I don't know if Ivanic is Muslim, but according to the BBC, Bosnia is a predominantly Muslim region.

I believe Bosnia has been the center of Al Qaeda activity in Eastern Europe.

There is also this, although I am not savvy enought to know if it means anything:

The Lebanese prime minister Foaud Sinioura announced he will not take part in the works of the UN General Assembly summit which will be launched next week if the President Emil Lahoud persists to attend it.

In press statements, Sinioura said "it is better that Lahoud not preside over the Lebanese delegation to the UN, after doubts about the foundation of the Lebanese security system became suspected in the assassination of Hariri" and where security officials were held in custody for investigation.


Also, the King of Nepal has canceled his trip: http://www.voanews.com/english/2005-09-07-voa17.cfm

However, I think Nepal is primarily a Buddhis and Hindu country, so I don't think their King would among the first to know.

Reliapundit said...


"... the hospital said Mr. Chirac had been asked to "avoid air travel in the six coming weeks." That effectively ruled out a visit to New York next week for a United Nations summit meeting on world poverty that Mr. Chirac had shown interest in attending."

but er um... Harry Reid recently had the same thing happen to him and was NOT prohibited from flying by his doctors.

so... is this just a bogus cover story!?

did the warning Chirac got from his arab "militant" buddies give him the ministoke?

just conjecturing... gaming...