Monday, September 26, 2005


There were NO MAJOR oil spills as a result of platforms being hit by Category 5 winds. ZERO. Therefore, the enviro-nuts - who have been preventing the expansion of off-shore oil-drilling in the Gulf, (mostly off the coast of Florida) - should just SHUT UP, SPLIT and take their alarmist falsehoods with them!

ALSO: there were NO enviromental disasters as a result of any REFINERIES being hit by the Category 5 storms. Therefore, we should build more refineries on the Gulf Coast (and elsewhere).

If we had more oil-platforms in the Gulf, them we'd have MORE OIL.
If we had more refinieries then we'd have more gasoline.

High energy prices most adversely effect the poor. If Democrats and Lefties REALLY want to help the poor, then they'd PUSH for more off-shore oil-drilling in the Gulf and more refineries everywhere.

I believe that the Left will never support more drilling or more refineries in the USA because the Left's IRRATIONAL belief in the possibility of the existence of a "pristine environment" trumps their PHONY advocacy for the poor. ONLY if they come out for more off-shore oil-drilling and more refineries can they can prove me wrong.

BTW: Jeb Bush ought to show some courage and stop preventing more drilling off the coast of Florida. There are HUGE oil deposits there, and the USA needs them. Jeb Bush has been playing state-politics with this issue - he needs the votes of people who THINK that off-shore oil-drilling is unsafe (and is therefore a threat to Florida's tourist industry -- because they feel that it will lead to oil-spills which would damage their beaches.) Katrina and Rita PROVE this is an unfounded and irrational fear.



Jason said...
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Jason said...
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Jason said...

Well said. Coming from Oregon and all, I have been around much of the environmentalist nonsense. Don't get me wrong, we do need to take drastic measures to protect mother nature, however sometimes they can go a little too far. Especially when the claims are bogus.

We're going to get our oil somehow, whether it's drilled off the Florida coast or in Venezuela. And we'll use it until it's gone (which will be never....quantity decreases, price increases).

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Anonymous said...

More drilling will do absolutely no good if it is not accompanied by more refining capacity.

Reliapundit said...

RIGHT: we need both DRILLING AND REFINING - AND anywhere.

the hurricanes prove that BOTH are safe and clean.

Anonymous said...

"ALSO: there were NO enviromental disasters as a result of any REFINERIES being hit by the Category 5 storms. Therefore, we should build more refineries on the Gulf Coast (and elsewhere)."

"Of particular concern is a spill in Meraux, a town just outside New Orleans on the Mississippi River, where oil mixed with floodwaters and sediment to submerge hundreds of homes.

Murphy Oil, which owns the refinery where the spill occurred, said Friday that two class action lawsuits were filed in federal court against the company seeking damages for residents.

The company said the lawsuits, filed in the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, are seeking damages for residents of St. Bernard Parish in southeast Louisiana, parts of which were covered in oil and sludge after the spill.

Reliapundit said...

good find mccoy - ONLY ONE THING:

this is the ONLY spill.

out of DOZENS of refineries and thousands of rigs.

which measn you have PROVED my point:

refining and drilling is safe - EVEN IN CATEGORY 3-5 storms.

not ABSOLUTELY safe, but what is? NOTHING.

I woulds bet that Murphy's facility could be made safer in the future - like ALL refineries and rigs.

BTW: the Murphy spill (an isolated minor spill effecting only the immediate area), could not RATIONALLY be called an environmental disaster (like the Valdez spill was).

and as you may have noticed - since you cut&pasted my statement -i asserted that NO ENVIROMNETAL DISASTERS had occured.

I stand by my assertion. it was and remaions an accurate statement of fact.

and you should admit - if you are rational - that the performance of the refineries and the rigs was OUTSTANDING.

as i say, all rational people will see this is true.

FURTHER OPROOF: many homes gas/oil tanks and many gas stations leaked gasoline and heating oil in NOLA as a result of the CANAL BREACH.

should we banish gas stations and home heating oil tanks!?? should we demand a moratorium on their use!? many homes burned in fires as a result of gas leaks. shoiuld we nad gas heating!?

of course not. Very very few things in life are 100% effective.

Even Clinton got caught philandering and lying a few times.

rational people accept rational risks measnured by their rewards.

the rewrds of INCREASED drilloing and refining VASTLY OUTWEIGHS the risk.

and the last two Gulf hurricanes PROVE THIS.

BTW, mccoy - you are an ass and a moron.


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