Wednesday, September 28, 2005



The Dem Travis county DA is a partisan hack, and the trumped up indictment (which took forever to arm-twist out of the Grand Jury - a normally pliable bunch - even though it is for conspiracy, which is well-known to be a charge of last resort becasue it is so easy to indict for) a WILD abuse of power.

This indictment is an outrageous partisan attack which is nothing more than an outrageous ABUSE OF POWER by the Democrat Travis Couty DA!

Unable to WIN ELECTIONS against the GOP, or to stop Bush's legislative agenda - (brilliantly sheparded through Congress by Delay), the immoral Leftists have reverted to form: abusing the coercive power of the state to attack popularly elected officials. OR SHOULD I SAY ABUSING THE POWER OF THE COURTS! The courts are - as we all know - the last refuge of the Left; it's the only place left they control - because it is NOT directly connected to the electorate - THE PEOPLE!

The Democrat Party - under the control of the immoral Left and the BDS afflicted - has no values, no policies, no popular mandate, and no shame.

The truth will come out, and when it does, it will be another nail in the coffin of the Left. Thank God. And the sooner the better. (More here.)


Anonymous said...

How is it an abuse of power for a DA to prosecute when it’s not only within his realm of jurisdiction to do so, but it’s also his responsibility to?

How can you claim that Ronnie Earle is a partisan hack when he’s prosecuted more Democrats than Republicans?

Mr. Delay has been admonished for unethical conduct before. Is it possible that there might be something to these charges, or are you so partisan that you’re unwilling to do anything but repeat the ‘blame-the-left’ meme ad nauseum?

Reliapundit said...


here are your answers (in the order you asked'em in):

1a)it was an abuse becasue NO CRIME was committed: no corporate dollars were given to any texas candidate within 60 days of an election. no underlying crime is even specified in the indictment.

1b)it was an abuse of power because the indictment was handed sown on travis county, and texas law requires that the person be indicted in his home county, and delay does not live in travis county and the crime did not occur in travis county.

1c)it was an abuse because the grand jury was ASKED for an idnictment on its last day, and could ONLY indict for a conspiracy charge - always a sign of a weak prosecutor.

2a) earle is a partisan hack because he ALWAYS ONLY INDICTS CONSERVATIVES. ALL - repeat - ALL the Democrats he ever indicted (12)were conservatives. and ALL of them were indicted YEARS AGO BEFORE ther GOP had any major elected presence to speak of in the state of Texas.

2b)earle is a partisan hack because he BRAGGED about how he was going to bag delay at DEMOCRAT FUNDRAISERS IN TEXAS.

[Earle was also involved in MEMOGATE, tangentially, becasue he is a party leaders with the folks who were nehind that FRAUD and attempted THEFT OF THE ELECTION!]

3) Delay did not have anything to do with the day-to-day operations of TRMPAC. he founded it and it was run by others. ALL THESE OTHER PAC MANAGERS DID WHAT THEIR LAWYERS AND ACCOUNTANTS TOLD THEM WAS LEGAL UNDER THE FEDERAL AND STATE STATUTES.

no checks were sent to the RNC which were NOT speciifically tagged as corporate or individual monies - that's because the idiotic campaign finance laws we have distinguish between how hard and soft money may be spent.

IT IS ROUTINE - BY BOTH PARTIES - to raise BOTH hard and soft money and BOTH parties know they must keep them in separate accounts and that they are limited in how they may disperse the monies AND THAT EVERY STATE HAS THEIR OWN LAWS!

Both parties have DOZENS of full-time lawyers who do NOTHING but handle campaign finance laws, ands advise them what to do.

BOTH parties do what TRMPAC and the RNC-CC did in this case: take some of one type of money (soft)from a PAC in a state, and then give some of another kind of money - HARD MONEY - back to candiates in the state - IN AMOUNTS OF THEIR CHOOSING AND TO CANDIDATES OF THEIR CHOOSING.

this is ALL that happened.

earle has indicted delay for something that both parties do every day - and he knows it.

deep down, you muist too - or you're even a bigger dope and a bigger ass than i had ever imgained.


MaxedOutMama said...

McCoy, no actual specific charge is made in the indictment. It's a most peculiar document. I suggest you read it.

I don't think Delay will ever be brought to trial for this.

Reliapundit said...

128.233.151.# (University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon)

70.64.54.# (Shaw Communications,Saskatchewan, Saskatoon)

Anonymous said...

I have read the indictment (The Smoking Gun has it up is here). From what I gather, it charges Mr. Delay with conspiring to commit a crime, namely making a political contribution in violation of various sections of the Texas Election Code.

Mr. Delay may end up not being found guilty of this charge (and should be presumed innocent until that time). However, the Grand Jury obviously felt like there were questions that need answering and the appearance of possible illegal activity, hence the indictment.

However, all of this shrieking about this being a leftist plot is, IMHO, a ridiculous conspiracy theory that has little in the way of supporting evidence.

Mr. Delay' has been criticized for his ethical conduct before. I find it much more likely that there exist some legitimate unanswered questions regarding these campaign contributions than this "the left's just out to destroy him" bit.

BTW Reliapundit… Do you feel that posting my internet providers or parts of my IP address is relevant to what we're discussing? This isn't the first time it's occurred and it confuses me as to why you're doing it.

Reliapundit said...

mccoy - i can block you if you persist in being a troll.

a troll is someone who writes things like accusing me of conspiracy theories.(and also
NEVER uses facts opr respoonds to the actula points i make in my post - as you constantly do!)

not once in my post on earle did i ever accuse earle of being part a conspiracy.

i did mention that the VERY VERY loony left county of Tarvis is home to many outrageous lies about Bush and the right. that is a fact.

that tells us about thew character of earle and his dem party associates.

the only time i used the word conspiacy was in relation to the charge that EARLE brought against delay.

you and another loony leftist asshole - scoobie davis, who linked to this post on his idiotic blog - seem to be confusing this aspect of my post.

AGAIN: i asserted that the place the charge originated from is the HIGHLY LEFT-WING Dem COUNTY OF TRAVIS WHERE OTHER OUTRAGEOUS AND FALSE CHARGES HAVE COME FROM IN THE PAST. NAMELY: the "fake but acurate" Bush TANG document. Asserting that this is no cpoincidence does NOT mean I am asserting a conspiracy. I am asserting that HIGHLY PARTISAN Lefties in Travis have NO MORALS and no restraint and have in the past and in this case CROSSED THE LINE.

this is a fact.

it tells us about the character of earle and his associates: they are loony leftie scum.

like you. and scoobie "air america is great" davis.

repeat: i did not shriek about any plot as you assert. THAT IS A TRUE STRAW MAN.

The leftists don;t need to PLOT; their fervent adherence to a completely discredited ideology leads them to a form of MASS HYSTERIA: busHitler was behiond 9/11, busHitler deliberately slowed response to Katrina; busHitler onyl inavaded iraqw for oil (and LIED about WMD - which was his SOLE reason fro going to war). ALL of these assertions are FALSE. they are LIES. leftists everywhere spew them. they do NOT do this becaseu of a conpsiracy - an active, conscious plot. leftist do this because DENIAL and COGNITIVE DISSONANCE require that leftists fantasize excuses - rather than admit that EVERYTHING they have ever belived in was wrong.

and it was.

i kbnow: i was a leftists.

i was wrong about vietnam - it WAS a noble cause.

i was wrong about NMD.

i was wrong about reagan and the pershing deployments and cutting taxes.

i was wrong about OSLO and arafat.

i was wrong about MAO - Deng Tsao Ping was right.

I was wrong about the Bay of Pigs.

in short, i was wrong about - well ... you get the idea: EVERYTHING I WAS RASIED TO BELIEVE IN (by two card-carrying commies!) was WRONG!

only after summoning up the courage to admit i - and the enitre left - was wrong about everything could i see the ligfht --- SEE WHAT WORKS.

and since then i can see throguh all the LIES OF THE LOONY LEFT.

lies you still swallow - hook line an sinker.


Gindy said...

"I don't think Delay will ever be brought to trial for this."

I am also sketchy about this one. There just seem to be too many holes in this indictment. Delay seems to be making a pretty good defense for himself.

My question is if it turns out to be political dirty tricks will the MSM report about. it.