Sunday, August 28, 2005


1 - "Land for Peace" is a cool idea - but the Israelis have given up and land and NOT gotten any peace. The deal with Egypt has led to a "cold peace/war."

2 - A "Two-State Solution" is abstractly practical, but actually it requires that the Israelis have democratic republicans (small "d" small "r") on the other side of the border and not jihadoterrorists bent on anti-Semitic genocide. Israel can never practically accept a Taliban-like or Iranian-style theocratic terrorocracy on it's borders. No nation should expect Israel to accept on her borders what they would reject on theirs.

3 - If Israel is - and can be, and can remain - 20% Arab Muslim, then why does Gaza or the West bank have to be "JUDENREIN?!" The fact that Palestinian Arabs demand that all Jews leave the territories PROVES that the Arabs are racist genocidal maniacs - and Israel will never ever have peace with the likes of them. When Arabs and Jews can live side by side in Gaza and the West Bank as they do in Israel, then there will be peace.

4 - The "ethnic cleansing" of Gaza was morally reprehensible and it will only lead to more terror.

HOWEVER: because the military assets of Israel can now be deployed more efficaciously (especially in relation to the major populations centers and larger borders, the REPRISALS for future jihadist attacks will be BRUTAL.

That's why it's ESSENTIAL and URGENT that the PNA confronts the jihadoterrorists - NOW! If the PNA doesn't crackdown on the jihadis - (and UP TO NOW, there is NO reason to expect they will; there is no reason to expect them to be HALF as tough on their jihadists as the Afghanis and the Iraqis and the Saudis and the Pakistanis are) - and if the jihadis stage a major attack against Israel, (or re-mount a lengthy intifada - "intifada #3"), then the jihadis will be counter-attacked by Israel and they will die, AND NOW, the PNA (not Israel) will have to pick up the pieces. If they can find them.

I hope that the PNA establishes the rule of law and that the peace process continues. I doubt it that they will.

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