Wednesday, August 03, 2005

NRO's IAIN MURRAY AGREES: having separate standards for Israel is anti-Semitic

Iain Murray (from today's NRO/Corner, describing George Galloway's most recent derisive use of the word "Israeli"):

There is a word for the belief that you should judge something more harshly when you discover that it is produced by Jewish people. It’s simple anti-Semitism. I’m sure George will want to denounce it the next time he hears it."

This also goes for the Vatican and Pope Benedict 16 - whose recent statements on terrorism were as anti-Semitic as those uttered by George Galloway and Ken Livingstone (HERE and HERE and HERE).

The Vatican should recant and repent for its recent anti-Semitic statements. If the Pope and the Vatican fail to do so, Pope Benedict will neutralize his moral authority, authority he needs in the urgent battle against moral relativism and in the struggle to save the Church. If he fails to recant and repent, he condemns his Church certain to extinction - for a Pope with no moral clarity has no moral authority, and becomes merely a seat-warmer with no noble mission leading a Church with no transcendent purpose.

The Pope's currrent position would lead the Church in the anti-Semitic path of the Presbyterians and the Anglicans. Maybe this is what the Vatican wants. But the Pope's prior efforts at rapprochement with Judaism and his clear attacks on moral relativism would have argued against it. That's what is so puzzling about his recent statements. And why it is a moment of truth for the Church. I am praying for the best result.


Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with the Presbyterian or Anglican anti-Semtic issue. Would you elaborate?

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the Vatican and Pope,
My first thought was, "what are you talking about?"

Now that I've read your post I have to say that I'm shocked that the Vatican (my Vatican) would say something like this. Thank you for informing me of this. PJP2 cerainly is spinning in his grave.