Thursday, August 18, 2005


Chamberlain gave away part of Czechoslovakia - the Sudatenland - to "Herr Hitler" for "peace in our time." This infamous bit of appeasement failed - as appeasement always does.

Has Sharon made the same blunder?

Many think so. I think not. I think Sharon is merely redeploying military assets where they will be more effective and "economical" in advance of a future military crisis - one that might be precipitated by a preemptive strike by someone against Iran, or a by a major hubristic offensive against Israel by "HAMAS/HIZ'B'ALLAH/Islamic Jihad/al Aksa Brigades" - (and ALL the other terrorist groups which Abbas and the PNA have failed to disarm!) - and perhaps instigated by this seeming "appeasement."

In that sense it might be seens as militarily shrewd, and it might evolve into a military coup de grace, for if it the Gazans fail to establish the rule of law, then this unilateral withdrawal will certainly lead to a unilateral withdrawal from ONLY PARTS OF the West Bank and to complete control by Israel of all of Greater Jerusalem. And then the game is over. So-called "Palestinian Arabs" will have all the territory they will ever have, and they can do whatever they want with it. And if that includes attacking Israel, then Israel will demolish them, UTTERLY, as they have demolished every other Arab nation who has ever made war against them. But this time, it will be seen as an INTERNATIONAL war, and this time Israel can walk away from the debris, because they won't have to take-charge of the territory after the dust has settled. It would make Operation Defensive Shield look like a walk in the a park.

I pray that I am wrong, and that the moderate Palastinian Arabs take charge and establish the rule of non-sharia law in Gaza, and that this leads to a negotiated settlement of all outstanding issues.

But there is NOTHING that the Palestinian Arabs have ever done that makes me think or feel that this even remotely likely. And IT BODES VERY BADLY that there seems to be consensus that Gaza must be JUDENREIN, while it's considered "fine & proper" that Israel be 20% Arab/Muslim. This immoral and anti-Semitic asymmetry reveals that Israel's neighbors are NOT likely to ever become "good neighbors." (I believe that Israel will only have peace with the Arabs when it is as safe for Jews to live in Arab nations as it is for Arabs to live in Israel.)

I challenge anyone to give me any CONCRETE example of anything in the last 12 years of "Palestinian Arab"-Israeli conflict that makes them believe that the unliateral withdrawal of Jews from Gaza might lead to "more better" negotiations. I think that it is more likely that the West Bank and Israel are targeted by INCREASED jihadoterrorist attacks - perhaps like those just experienced in Bangladesh: a series of HUNDREDS of bombs all set-off simultaneously.

We shall see. Stay tuned.

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