Saturday, July 23, 2005


I ask this question very seriously. Really. I'm a 4th generation registered Democrat. Who voted for Bush. And I think that if the Democrats try to filibuster Roberts (as is intimated by THIS ANNOUCEMENT BY KERRY, and by their treatment of the Bolton nomination on the very same issue ), and if their leadership keeps spewing forth "Gitmo = gulag" tirades, and if Iraq continues to progress on the political front (and if we start to draw down our troops by the end of next year), then the Democrat Party will be lucky to hold on to 175 seats in the House, 39 seats in the Senate. EVEN WITH THE +15% THEY GET FROM THE ANTI-GOP BIAS OF THE LEFT-WING DOMINATED MSM!

Of course, there is a way that they can avoid DISASTER: they can start being supportive of OUR side in the GWOT!

UPDATE: The NYTIMES is reporting this: "Democrats Prepare Ground to Challenge Judge Roberts". Sheesh. If the Dems had HALF as much vitriol for the Jihadists as they do for Bolton and Bush -- (and as they did for AshKKKroft - and almost ANYONE Bush appoint want to, it seems) -- then the GWOT WOULD BE OVER!



Karlo said...

On the other hand, if the Dems did so well in the last presidential election with Kerry, what's to say they won't win the next one with a landslide?

Kyle said...

the Dems will pick up seats in the bi-elections and have a good shot of winning the next Presidential election.
All depends on who the gop runs.
But long term it does not look good for them because they literally have no issues. Obstructing every reform, running from terrorists, and fighting for higher taxes is not a winning combination.
In addition, they have several old senators who are red state holdovers from when their state was more democratic. When these guys die, they will be hard put to replace them.
You can't beat something with nothing.

Reliapundit said...

jkarlo: kerry did oka - with the help of the left-wing biased MSM - which gave him an additonal 15% (according to Evan Thomas exec editor of NEWSWEEK and son of socia;list NORMAN THOMAS.)

the MSM is getting weaker, and so is the Dem machine.

Bush got 60% of the vote in 40 congressional house districts that were carried by the Dem incumbent.

ALL of those seats are under MAJOR stress. as are more senate seats for dems than for the GOP.

now sure: a LOT depends on who is nominated, but if the Dems' primary proocess is still dominated by the left-wing MOVEON type base, then it is VERY unlikely that they will noiminate a moderate.

pluS: there are fewer and fewer dem moderates, anyhow.

so, as they drift to the left, they will become extiinct.

as they were becoming BEFORE clinton.

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Anonymous said...

No, Democrats will not survive, Republicans have the grip on power, like Hitler in 1936 they will eliminate all oposition and ban democracy from the USA, then we will have just one Fhurer to worship, and this site will be the first to profit from the end of democracy in America. Pundit you are the next Dr. Mengele.

Reliapundit said...

the leftie who left the previous comment exposes the idiocy OF THE LKEFT: comparing the GOP to the National SOCIALIST Worker Party!

HEY LEFTIE: democracy means the party with the most vote (the most POPULAR SUPPORT) wins!

lefties elitists think they know better than the majority of the people. hence the Left supports NANNY-states and the dimunition of the 1st and 2nd amnendments (thru mccain-feingold and gun control, respectively).

i am a lifelong democrat, a JEW, and I was raised inside the "anti-war Left" and the civil rights movement(which was LED by FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS LIKE MLK Jr!).

For you to call me a nazi is sick, and wrong.

i support bush's war efforts because he is doing what FDR and JKF would have done. I suggest you read FDR's FOUR FREEDOMS speech, and JFK's Inaugural Address - they EPITOMIZE what has become known as NEOCON THINKING.

YUP: FDR and JFK would be called neocons, to day. or even worse: they'd be called nazis by the likes of the previous commenter.

that's how LOW the American Left has sunk.