Tuesday, July 19, 2005


In committee, Teddy Jo Kopechne, Dick "gulag" Durbin, and Chuck Schumer were the only three Senators who voted against Roberts when he came up for his LIFETIME appointment to the DC Circuit Court. In spite of their opposition - on behalf of the LEFT - the Senate voted UNANIMOUSLY to confirm Roberts in 2001.

Now that Bush has nominated Roberts to the next highest court - the SCOTUS - these three left-wingers are ALREADY making noises. According to Betsy, they have said they will oppose Roberts nomination to the SCOTUS. It was to be expected. I saw Schumer say this - and his idiotic asininity STUNNED me:
"The burden is on a nominee to the Supreme Court to prove that he is worthy, not on the Senate to prove that he is unworthy."
These three Left-wing clowns wouldn't support a GOP proffered nominee unless he or she had actually defended jihadoterrorists or performed abortions. And they wouldn't give unreserved praise for anyone unless he'd done BOTH!

I applaud Bush. He picked an eminently qualified judge without regard to his/her gender or race or creed. He did NOT pick a woman to succeed a woman, or a "moderate" to succeed a "moderate." Roberts was picked because of his merits. And because he is a conservative. As it should be. Elections count. ALL OF THEM. Bush WON the right to nominate a consrvative, and the GOP MAJORITY of the Senate will confirm him. RIGHT ON! MORE HERE and HERE - from the brilliant folks at the indispensable POWERLINE.

[As others have observed, the Senate confirmation battle will all come down to ROE. It's one of the few issues that unites the Left. "ROE, ROE, ROE YOUR VOTE, GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM." Seriously, abortion is what defines the Left, and it's how they define the Right; to the Left, Right-wingers are EVIL because they are against abortion. In my view, all the Right wants, is for every baby to go to term. OH, HOW EVIL! The Left counters: "Oh, it's NOT a baby, yet." Then tell me, Lefty: Just what is a mother EXPECTIING (even in her 1st trimester) if it's NOT a baby? Is she expecting a chocolate cake?! Sheesh! Lookit: Abortion is a VERY bad solution to the real problem: unwanted pregnancies. Adoption is a much better solution - especially since there are so many parents who want kids and can't have them on their own. I feel that Roberts will survive the Senate confirmation battle. But - as the Lefty Senators PANDER to their Left-wing base - things will sure get ugly.]


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