Sunday, July 17, 2005

MORE FRENCH PERFIDY - this time against the Brits

NYTIMES: LONDON, July 16 - "Britain's era of good will with Europe lasted 48 hours - all because of the French. In the wake of the July 7 terrorist attacks in London, Scotland Yard brought together law enforcement and intelligence officials from two dozen European countries and the United States, sharing crucial intelligence and pleading for help in tracking down the bombers. But the continentwide kumbaya was shattered when Christophe Chaboud, France's new antiterrorism coordinator, broke the cardinal rule of the club. He leaked. ... So poisonous is the atmosphere that the talk in European intelligence circles is that the British feel that the French may have leaked bad information on purpose."

The French ruling-class seem to embody dhimmitude - appeasing Jihadists. The French seem like they are either born cowards, victims of blackmail, or both. I hope they don't collapse before Sarkozy has a chance at saving them (2007). RTWT. (HAT TIP "eff"france.) THEN AGAIN, WHEN PONDERING FRENCH MISSTEPS IN THE GWOT, MAYBE WE JUST REMEMBER: sabotage is a FRENCH word...

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