Sunday, July 31, 2005

THE LEFTIST PHRASE I HATE MOST: "well, then the terrorists have already won"

I hate it when I hear Lefties say: "well, then the terrorists have already won." They usually say it when there is some sort of practical counter-measure we can take to increase our safety from the jihadoterrorists which requires a modicum of libertairian restraint, like: National ID Cards; or profiling; or actually enforcing our laws and guarding our borders. Today on WOLF BLITZER's LATE EDITION on CNN John MIller (LA's terrorism czar) said it with regard to National ID cards; he said (paraphrasing): "... the cop in my likes the idea, but the democrat in me doesn't because, well, then the terrorists have already won. "

I THINK: when the jihadoterrorists kill us -- when they succeed in committing genocide against us and scaring us, and forcing us to change our policies and to appease them and their aims -- that THEN AND ONLY THEN HAVE THEY WON. IOW: when they win, they've WON. Until then, we need to take every counter-measure necessary to make their lives harder and their mission more difficult UNTIL WE HAVE UTTERLY DEFEATED THEM!

Jeff at PROTEIN WISDOM has another critique which utilizes the Leftist rationalization, "well, then the terrorists have already won." It's a sarcastic defence of Jimmy Carter's latest outburst; here it is (hat tip INSTAPUNDIT):

As to whether or not Carter’s comments provide rhetorical cover for the terrorists—of course not! Carter is simply voicing his dissent, and if a former US president can’t openly criticize his government—publicly, overseas, during wartime, and on the basis of a narrative of events that an investigative panel has already concluded simply does not represent the facts on the ground—well, then the terrorists have already won.

Indeed. Heh.


Anonymous Poet said...

You ARE very astute!

Aaron Hanscom said...

Very astute indeed. But isn't it also interesting to note that these same liberals who always say that are also the very ones who always throw their hands up in the air and exclaim"yes, but how are we ever going to win this "war against terror?" It is unwinnable." They are very pessimistic in my opinion. Great site here!

Anonymous said...

This is a great site, I hope all Americans become Jewish and defend Israel forever.