Friday, July 08, 2005


The Left always seems to forget - OR DENY - things like this: that 800 people have been murdered in Thailand in the last year - BY JIHADISTS; many of them were BEHEADED. These Thais victims were Buddhists who had nothing to do with Bush or Blair or Cheney or Rumsfeld or Zionism or Halliburton or Iraq. Neither did the BUDDHAS OF BAMIYAN - blown up in March of 2001, or the Nigerian women who have nearly been stoned to death, and the Pakistani women who have been gang-raped as punshiment for violating sharia. Nor do the countless victims of Islamic honor killings all over the world have anything to do with Ashcroft or Gitmo or Abu Ghraib...

Bush is no more responsible for the Jihadists' attacks on the West than is the battered wife responsible for being battered by her battering husband.

There IS AN EVIL, THINKING, REAL ENEMY out there - Jihadism, and these Jihadists have a procative plan and a serious goal: to re-establish the Caliphate under fanatically extremist control, and to kill or convert anyone ands everyone who gets in their way - including fellow Muslims.

If we don't want them to win, then we must continue to fight them EVERYWHERE, using ALL the means at our disposal. And we must IGNORE the insane and ill-informed ravings of the Left [see the post BELOW for a partial listing of Leftists blaming Bush, Blair and the Iraq War for the 7/7 London attacks.]

"I mean, according to him, it’s not the perpetrators who are responsible. They didn’t kill anybody. The murderer is Tony Blair. I mean, that’s all you have to believe, really, morally to agree with a man like him. Well, you should additionally believe that the root cause of terrorism is the resistance to it. "
My point, EXACTLY.


Californian said...

Love the post. We had something along the same lines at AttackMachine on 7/8:

Lefties as battered wives

Women beaten by their husbands are known to make excuses for them. "I nag too much." Or "He's under a lot of stress." Or "It's my fault for provoking him by hitting back -- that gets him real mad."

No, the batterer is a vile brute.

Such is the manner of Lefties toward terrorists. "They hate us because we're corporate imperialists." Or "We need to understand other cultures better and not be so arrogant." Or "We create more terrorists by liberating Iraq and Afghanistan."

No, terrorists are evil brutes. Period, full stop.

Jim Bass

Reliapundit said...

thanks for stopping by and commenting.

i love your blog - i ahve just put it on my blogroll.

BTW: i first used the wife-beating analgy in a post on may 17.


here's part of it:

Blaming America for the misperceptions that many Arabs and many Muslims have about America is like blaming the beaten and abused wife for the abuse she receives at the hands of her wife-beating husband (who says in his own defense: "It's HER fault; she doesn't effing listen!")

Except of course that UNLIKE the wife-beater, the Arabs and the Muslims have the MSM and al Jazeera to thank for CRANKING-UP and reinforcing their WARPED view of what the USA is all about. The MSM - and al Jazeera - are essentially like the mean-spirited friends of the wife-beater who egg him on by LYING about the wife.

They have no shame.