Thursday, July 21, 2005


Like The Captain, I watched Bernie Goldberg on the Donnie Deutsch Show - and it WAS an ambush: by Leftie jerks (including Deutsch and Jeff Jarvis from the BUZZMACHINE). Goldberg appeared to discuss his new book, 100 PEOPLE WHO ARE SCREWING UP AMERICA. From their questioning, it was OBVIOUS that NONE of the asinine Lefties who pounced on Goldberg had even read an excerpt! They asked stupid questions and then wouldn't let Goldberg answer them. They were RUDE.

They also made that STUPID shrill charge that the Left always makes when you criticize one of their pet Lefty causes or movies or books: "But we have a RIGHTto say whatever we want !" What they never seem to GET is that conservatives aren't questioning their RIGHT to say what they want; we're criticizing what they're saying! And that kind of criticism is part of the free marketplace of ideas, too - NOT the diminishing of it! The Left wants carte blanche to coarsen the culture - pushing the envelope is what they call it - and they want to be above JUDGEMENT. Goldberg NAILED them on this. He was GREAT!

In a way, the Lefties on this show made Goldberg's case for him better than he could've himself. It was like Teddy Jo Kopechne ponitifcating about moral rectitude to one of Bush's judicial nominees - or demanding Rumsfeld resign. And Durbin comparing GITOMO to gulag, killing fields, and concentration camps. Most of America sees right through the lies and the hypocrisy -and they see what the lies and hypocrisy SERVE; the Left can't. Thank God. In other words: folks like Teddy and Dick Durbin - and ESPECIALLY Howeird Dean are GOLD to the GOP. While they score points with their chic MOVEON base (with their attacks), they alienate MOST of America. And that fills GOP coffers. Deutsch's ill-informed, asinine Leftie ambush sold tons of Goldberg's book. Good.

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