Friday, July 22, 2005

CCTV IMAGES OF 4 BOMBERS - and what must be done about them

The London police have released good CCTC images of the four terrorists who attemopted and bungeld yesterday's attacks, and they have asked the public to help identify and locate them. The 4 are obviously Muslims.
If --- after the police identify the terrorists, and determine which mosques they attended and therefore ID the clerics running those MOSQUES, and if the clerics hadn't contacted the London police or helped to ID the terrrorists (although they could have) --- then the clerics should be jailed for aiding and abetting terror or at least deported, AND the mosques should be permanently closed. This should be announced IMMEDIATELY in Britain.


Anonymous said...

As tute, I seem to have missed you call for American police to track down the congregation and minister/priest of the church Eric Rudolph attended and arrest them for "aiding and abetting", or your calls for whatever church(es) he may have attended to be closed.Might you be so kind as to provide a link to that post of yours?

Reliapundit said...

mccoy - you expose your own folishness. there is NO church or preacher in the usa who adviocates bombing abortions clinics. most meely want to have portests and civil disobedience at clinics.

so your analogy is faulty.

it exposes a deep and false moral equivalency plaguing the Left: that American religious fundamentalists (who have been here from day one - the PILGRIMS were such!) - are the equivalent of jhihadoterrorists who ban paintings kite flying music and openly call for genocide.

you are a dupe of the Left.

wake up.

Anonymous said...

If they knew about it???? What do you mean if? Tanweer's own family knew about it!!! Check out the link below if you don't believe me. It seems to me the British police ought to start arresting Tanweer's family for not speaking up....


Anonymous said...

Sorry, As… I'm not from Foland. Rev. Phelp's rhetoric is a prime example how ignorant you are of what goes on in America. Eric Rudolph was a terrorist, but I don't see you blaming his congregation / pastor. Or do you have some sort of evidence that the London bombers attended mosques that preached violence? Because it wouldn't be a typical kneejerk reaction to assume that "mosque = advocacy of terrorism", right?

Don't bother with your strawman "equivalency" routine. The only false assumption being made is that the London bombers must have been attending a mosque that must have been advocating terrorism. If you don't like that assumption being made about Mr. Rudolph's church, then you might consider not making it about other religions.