Wednesday, June 15, 2005


On March 9, 2005, Michael Medved posited that the reason Hollywood has become less patriotic is threefold: (1) Hollywood is more dependent on foreign income than ever; therefore they are pandering to foreigners; (2) Hollywood bought into the false idea (perpetrated by the Leftists who dominated - and still dominate the MSM) that the US military behaved badly in a bad and pointless war during Vietnam; because this false notion persists on the Left (ASIDE - yeah: FALSE! Vietnam was a noble cause, fought well - the SVG only fell a year after our withdrawal, and ONLY because the Democrats - who controlled Congress - stopped financing them) - and because the Left still dominates the MSM - anti-Military and anti-American themes still abound; (3) In the "good ol' days" (before Vietnam) Hollwood "players" were regular folk who had "made it"; today's Hollywood "players" are spoiled, insulated, and elitist; they are alienated from middle America - from "Red State" Americans.

I think Medved is right on the money, but also misses one KEY point: in Hollywood, during the GOLDEN ERA (when the greatest films were made, and most if-not-all were pro-America/pro-middle class values), the studios were run BY IMMIGRANTS. First generation IMMIGRANTS: people who had themselves fled tyrnanny - and the poverty and ingorance and hatred which tyrannies promote - and who had come to, AND WERE SAVED BY... AMERICA.

These studio moguls - Warner, Mayer and the rest - and also many of the greatest writer/director/producers, like Capra and Wilder and Kazan - did not take the American Dream for granted; America was not the object of their scorn; it was the object of their adoration.

It should still be.

It is NO COINCIDENCE that two of the most patriotic actor/producers in Hollywood are immigrants: Schwarzeneggar and Gibson (OKAY: Gibson was born here, but he was raisee in Australia!).

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