Monday, June 27, 2005

"NOBLE DREAMS" : Ignatieff, Vietnam and Iraq

Libs just can't help themselves: they MUST mention Vietnam every time they discuss Iraq.

Michael Ignatieff (Carr professor of human rights at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard is no exception) - and like most libs, even contemporary lib-hawks (many of whom seem to be getting wobbly lately -- "when the going gets tough the Left gets packing!") - and in his NYTIMES article he writes the following:
It would be a noble thing if one day 26 million Iraqis could live their lives without fear in a country of their own. But it would also have been a noble dream if the South Vietnamese had been able to resist the armored divisions of North Vietnam and to maintain such freedom as they had. Lyndon Johnson said the reason Americans were there was the ''principle for which our ancestors fought in the valleys of Pennsylvania,'' the right of people to choose their own path to change. Noble dream or not, the price turned out to be just too high.
Well, well, well: Ignatieff may not have intended it, but he has revealed the one and only true connection between Vietnam and what the Left is trying to do now. HOW? Well, by ADMITTING that Vietnam "WOULD HAVE BEEN" a NOBLE DREAM but foe the fact that the SVG failed to hold off the North Vietnamese totalitarians.

BUT, Ignatieff elides the CRUCIAL FACT: that the SVG ONLY FELL AFTER THE DEM/LIB CONTROLLED CONGRESS CUT OFF FINANCING FOR THEIR FLEDGLING DEMOCRACY. AND THIS WAS 1975, A YEAR AFTER MOST US TROOPS HAD ALREADY BEEN WITHDRAWN! It was the LEFT-WINGwhcih forced the US to CUT & RUN, and then shamelessly cut off our allies at the knees - condemning the Vietnamese people to 30 years of tyrnanny and poverty! (Not to mention giving rise to Pol Pot and theBoat People!)


The Left does NOT have a NOBLE DREAM - and even if they did, they do not have the COURAGE to stay the course. Proof of this is the fact that so many lib-hawks have gone wobbly on Iraq just as we are entering a new and great AND NOBLE PHASE. And just as the Sunnis are entering into the political process.

Ignatieff argues that the price of Vietnam was too high. HE IS WRONG. The cost was not too high; there were just too many appeasing liberals in Congress. If Bush had the same immoral liberal-Democrat Congress today GERALD FORD HAD IN 1975, then he'd be unable to override a bill to cut-off funding to Iraq. And we'd have the same type of disaster.

Which is why we should never EVER trust the Left with the defense of the USA or the free world.

The sad thing is that uber Dem-lib FDR would've endorsed what Bush is doing; in fact, by today's standards FDR WOULD BE A NEOCON! (Just check out his FOUR FREEDOMS speech if you doubt me!) Which illustrates again how the Left has become the focus of reactionary ideology in the Western politics.


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Ignatieff has IGnoble dreams

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