Thursday, June 30, 2005


ASIA NEWS (hat tip LGF):

Suspected Muslim insurgents shot and then beheaded a local official in southern Thailand on Wednesday in an attack believed to be part of ongoing sectarian violence in the area, police said. Surin Somchit, an employee of the community water authority, was shot and wounded by four bullets fired near his office in Narathiwat province’s Rangae district, police Capt. Songphol Juimanee said. The as yet unknown number of attackers then cut off their victim’s head with a machete and dumped it by the roadside, he said. ...

The beheading was the sixth carried out this month and the second to take place in daylight hours. Only three other beheadings have taken place in the 18-month wave of violence, one in May last year in Narathiwat, and two others in November.

Now would the Dem/Lefties PLEASE explain to me what these beheadings in THAILAND have to do with either: Bush; Israel/Zionism/the Likud/neocons; oil; Iraq; or the Crusades?

They cannot because it DOES NOT. Global Jihad is a proactive program of terror against all infidels (including, but not limited to): Buddhists (Thailand); Hindus (India); Muslims (Shias and Sufis); and of course "Jews and Crusaders."

The neojihadists have killed more Muslims than anyone EXCEPT Saddam. The neojihadists have killed more Americans than anyone since Vietnam.

They are the ENEMY, and they have chosen to make war on ALL infidels.

It's really LONG PASSED TIME folks on the Left accepted that neither Bush or the West is to blame for the GWOT. We didn't start this war. And attempting to appease the enemy will only embolden them. It's long passed time the Left abandoned their idiotic attacks on Bush and UNAMBIGUOUSLY support military efforts to defeat the enemy.

I'm waiting, but I'm not holding my breath. I have long held that the Left is not anti-war (that's a sham); they're on the other side. Which is why they're NOT the "loyal opposition" - because they're NOT loyal.

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