Thursday, June 23, 2005


A few days ago they got one (a LEBANESE terrorist) IN MEXICO. Today, an dutchman of ALGERIAN extraction - was arrested - IN LONDON - for his part in the murder of DUTCHMAN Theo van Gogh - because van Gogh made a movie with Ayaan Hirsi Ali - a SOMALI born human rights advocate - and these fanatical neojihadists felt this movie was a offensive to Islam and a capital offense.

I think EVERYONE should be ABSOLUTELY clear now that neojihadism is a GLOBAL movement and that these jihadists are aggressively waging a WORLDWIDE WAR against all infidels (and to these fanatics this includes Shias and Sufis - WHO ARE MUSLIMS, TOO!) - THIS IS REALLY WW4. And it's real war. One really being waged all over the globe by neojihadists from Chechnya, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philipines to name just a FEW!

It's long past time the Ol' Euroweenies helped us, (and the UK and the AUSSIES and the other brave nations actually contributing FIGHTING TROOPS) and do MORE than make an arrrest here and there. We need to attack the enemy EVERYWHERE if we really want to defeat them.

ASIDE: If you're wondering why some nations in Old Europe AREN'T doing enough, I invite you to read the next post down - and also to keep in mind that the most anti-Bush governments are run by socialist politicians - (Germany/Schroeder, Spain/Zapatero, and France - well... Chirac is technically NOT a socialist, BUT France is so far Left even their Right is LEFT!).

UPDATE: Welcome MY PET JAWA READERS - the BEST place for updated GWOT news...

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