Thursday, June 02, 2005


This morning on IMUS (I watched it on replay on MSNBC-TV), Bob Woodward said that Deep Throat's/Felt's FIRST TIP to him - EVER - was that Spiro T. Agnew was on the take before he was Veep.

There can be ONLY ONE REASON for this action by Felt:
he - and anybody allied with him - knew that to get the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS to move on IMPEACHMENT AGAINST NIXON that Agnew would FIRST have to be shelved, because NO DEMOCRAT WOULD MOVE AGAINST NIXON IF IT MEANT THAT AGNEW WOULD ASCEND TO THE WHITE HOUSE.
I always felt that the Agnew resignation was a preamble to a move against Nixon - THIS ADMISSION BY WOODWARD PROVES MY INSTINCTS WERE CORRECT! And I suspected this - at the time - even though I was a very politically engaged anti-Nixon anti-war Leftist teenager in 1973.

[ASIDE: Now, I see that Nixon accomplished many MANY HUGELY IMPORTANT and beneficial things for the nation and the world - (detente, China, ending the draft, ending the Vietnam War, starting the EPA & passing the Clean Air/Clean Water Act), and that he also boldy tried some things that turned out badly (like Wage and price Controls) - and was one of our most importyant presidents. In fact, I think Nixon did more IMPORTANT GOOD THINGS in his 5 years (things we are still benefitting from) than Clinton did in 8!]

The now undeniable FELT/FBI CONNECTION to the outting of the Watergate Scandal may just be the tip of the iceberg.

HERE'S ANOTHER POSSIBLE MYSTERIOUS CONNECTION: Woodward - a proven dissembler who on many occassions denied that Felt was Deep Throat - now claims that he and Felt met by accident on a plane and that as a result of this chance-meeting, Felt became his "mentor." At the time they met, Woodward was in NAVY INTELLIGENCE - some have even suggested he was an undercover operator for the CIA. WHAT'S MY POINT!? Well, perhaps Woodward's story about how he met Felt is just more dissembling and the connection between Woodward and Felt and the FBI was DEEPER, PROFESSIONAL, and perhaps more sinister?

I think the "Felt Connection" fails to answer every question about Watergate - and I think that it evens raises a few more. IOW: the full story has yet to come out.


Anonymous said...

woodward was planted at the WP

Anonymous said...

Why are you using the word dissemble in an incorrect way? GW have already rule that the correct word is "disassemble", check your gramma , dude

Reliapundit said...

dissemble \dih-SEM-buhl\, transitive verb:
1. To hide under a false appearance; to hide the truth or true nature of.
2. To put on the appearance of; to feign.