Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide rose in the European Union by 1.5% in 2003 after falling in 2002, the European Environment Agency reports. Italy, Finland and the UK were named as the worst offenders while cold weather was blamed for a rise in the use of fossil fuels to heat homes and offices. Ecologists believe the EU is unlikely to be able to meet its promise to cut emissions by 8& of 1990 levels by 2012.
The treaty is a FARCE (even according to its proponents the UNATTAINABLE goals won't have much of any effect on the global climate; barely reducing the projected global temperature), built upon a LIE (that climate change is MAN-MADE!). The only effect of the treaty will be to hurt the prosperity and standard of living of the nations which signed on. And KYOTO is especially MEANINGLESS because it exempts some of the world's biggest producers of so-called greenhouse gases: China and India.

Nevertheless, the USA is still BLAMED by the Left (and the MSM and the academy they still dominate) for global warming (as if it were man-made, and as if other nations were curbing their production of so-called greenhouse gases.).

ASIDE: Tonight in the Senate, McCain and Liberman introduced their idiotic so-called greenhouse gas bill (which is nothing more than a self-serving/face-saving attempt by moderates to curry favor with the Left). In fact, it was speeches on their Bill which were momentarily interrupted by that crybaby Durbin's apology. If the Senate really wants to curb global warming they should just keep their mouths shut and vote!


opine6 said...

That last line sums it up exactly!

Kyle said...

I don't agree that human action has nothing to do with global climate change, I think it is one factor. However, any treaty which does nothing to adress the use of wood and coal in the third world and former Soviet union is worthless.
The anti-globalists only see the USA as the culprit because, of course, we are the formost nation to promote capitalism which is their real enemy.

Reliapundit said...

kyle - you make some good points.
except: there has been climate change in the past - b4 there were any SVU's or capitalism.

there is no proof that the changes we're seeing now has ANYTHING to do with human actvity.

you can google CLIMATE at this blog and get links to many articles which debunk the anthropocentric argument.

thanks for coming to my blog and commenting.

Gandalin said...

Great Post! And don't ever forget that it was the SENATE that rejected the Kyoto Treaty by a UNANIMOUS vote of 95-0 in 1997, and that President Clinton was severely chided and reprimanded by none other than Senator Chuck HAGEL (R-France) for continuing to push the Kyoto Agenda (http://www.lavoisier.com.au/papers/articles/Hagelletter.html).

Kyle said...

Well, I certainly do not agree with the bulk of the GREENS on this issue, but I would not be so certain as to rule out all human action. We know that we have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by about
6% in the last 100 years, and historicaly higher levels of CD have always coresponded with increased temperature.
I am a staunch conservative-libertarian, but I am also somewhat green. I see lots of problems with air quality in our major cities(including my city,Houston) I know that is not connected with climate change, but I think that the original conservationists were all Republicans (Teddy Roosevelt, And I think that meaningful conservation, tied to cost-benifit analysis, can steal a lot of the thunder of the left.

Gandalin said...

Well, there is also a theory that man-made global warming has prevented a deadly Ice Age. Global warming, if real, and if it continues, will certainly disconvenience a lot of people. But an Ice Age would kill hundreds of millions, and possibly end industrial civilization.

Reliapundit said...

kyle: there are studies which shoiw that increasing particulates in the air REDUCES local temperatures in major cities - IOW: local pollution REDUCES warming.

which In point out to illuastrate how complex the atmosphere is.

google kilimanjaro at this blog: you'll get a good post.

Skip Weisman said...

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