Friday, May 27, 2005


Left-wing pessimist KRUGMAN pens ANOTHER negative column about the "housing bubble." It seems to Krugman that too many Americnas are buying and selling too many homes at too much profit. I guess he'd like to see prices drop or sales slow or fewer people able to afford a home. Maybe he'd like a "REAL ESTATE PRICE CONTROL BOARD" to regulate the sale of homes?

Seriously: I am old enough to remember a time when THE AMERICAN DREAM - the dream of of owning your own home - was embraced by Democrats, even Liberal ones! Now - as that dream comes true for more and MORE Americans (and as a result, there are more buyers than sellers, and prices are going up) - Lefties like Krugman seem to be wishing it collapses merely to show that Bush is a bad person.

Well, all the BIG BUBBLES we've suffered from recently: the "New Economy"/NASDAQ/Telecoms/Fannie Mae etc bubbles - and ALL THE BIG CORPORATE MALFEASANCE SCANDALS (ENRON/TYCO/Arthur Andersen, AND the "Fake Calfornia Energy Crisis" took place on Clinton's watch; they were BUBBA'S BUBBLES. And the foul mess that resulted (because BUBBA and Rubin allowed it to go on in the CORRUPT financial industry and the CORRUPTED markets) is being CLEANED UP ON BUSH'S WATCH!

Krugman, the Democrats and the Left have let BDS - and their adherence to a completely discredited ideology: socialism - destroy their objectivity. One should no more give any credence to what Krugman writes than to Chomsky or al Jazeera (or Dan Rather or Jayson Blair or Newsweek!).


Anonymous said...

Your post seems something like Zed Miller would write, going red on the face and smashing the keyboard with his fist. Your long list of "hated Americans" is proof that you are a very angry and frustrated young man. You can use that anger in a constructive way, go and enlist in the Army; they need some warm bodies to feed that meat grinder in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

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