Sunday, April 24, 2005

THE LEFT'S LAST STAND: Bolton and Judges

The only two areas that the Left is tirelessly trying to "block Bush at all costs" are judicial appointments and the UN Ambassadorship.They have pulled out the stops with their filibusters of Bush's judicial nominess and in their smear of Bolton.

WHY ARE THESE TWO AREAS SO DAMN IMPORTANT TO THE LEFT (which currently controls the Democrat Party)?

The judiciary and the UN are two of the last strongholds of Leftism.

If Bush can (a) break the strangle-hold that the Left has on the judiciary - by apppointing solidly conservative judges to the federal bench, and if he can (b) appoint a UN Ambassador who will spearhead MAJOR reform there, THEN Bush can reduce the Left to the minimal margins of the body politic - WHERE THEY BELONG!

The Left knows this and are therefore fighting for their own political existence. With that much at stake, I do not think Bush will retreat - nor will the Dem/Left.

BOTTOM-LINE: Bush ahs the votes to win. If the Dems try to make these issues in 2006, they will LOSE BIGTIME. WHY? because (1) it's a long time from now and most people will forget; and (2) judgeships and the UN are NOT big issues to most Americans - and therefore they defer to the president's perogotive.

If the Democrats were smart - and if they WEREN'T controlled by the Left - then they would make IMMIGRATION REFORM and HOMELAND SECURITY central to their counter-attack to Bush in 2006. These are the two areas are where he's MOST vulnerable, where his support in the center is thin.

UPDATE: JAYSON over at POLIPUNDIT links to an article at YAHOO NEWS which is about the Dem filibuster but has a PHOTO of BOLTON. Jayson asks: "Why, pray tell, does Reuters/Yahoo show a picture of a glowering John Bolton, in connection with a story about judicial filibusters? Is that some sort of subliminal message of some sort?"

I think I have answered his question.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the "They're getting desperate" mantra. Just close your eyes, click your heels, and repeat "There's no place like home" over and over…

If these issues show anything, it's the desperation of the "far right". Instead of actually being the "uniter, not a divider" as he claimed, Bush's pandering to the far right with his nominations is coming back to bite him in the a$$.

Coming hot on the heels of several other failures (More than half of Americans now feel the Iraq invasion was not worth it, Bush's social security reforms are proving to be quite unpopular, his Schiavo intervention was both ineffective and overwhelmingly rejected by the public, and his catering to ultra rich credit card companies by means of his bankruptcy bill hasn't exactly resulted in rave reviews), this is hardly the "left's last stand".

It would be much more accurate to suggest that the dispute over nominations is yet another example of how the democrats are successfully claiming popular moderate stances on what's quickly becoming a long list of issues.

As for immigration reform and homeland security, you're correct that Republicans are vulnerable in those areas, and I'm and I'm certain as we come closer to election time that we'll hear more about Bush's ineffectiveness in those areas. In the mean time, sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch the "right" continue to shoot itself in the foot.

Anonymous said...

BOTTOM-LINE: Bush ahs the votes to win. If the Dems try to make these issues in 2006, they will LOSE BIGTIME.

Umm, O.K. If Bush has the votes to win as you say, why haven't they voted on it? Bottom line is that the right is losing support. All numbers are dropping for all these ridiculous issues you talk about. 200 out of 210 judges have been appointed. 90%, and you wackos are still bitching! One more thing, get a spell-checker tard.