Thursday, March 31, 2005

PREDICTION: the Left will accuse the Right of trying to exploit Terri's death

It will be seen for what it is: a hollow charge, and a hypocritical one , too.


Well, it's HYPOCRITICAL of the Left because when Ronald Reagan lived the Left HATED him; yet, (b) when he died the Left tried to exploit it to promote EMBRYONIC stem cell research (which is NOT the only form of stem cell research, or even the most promising form of stem cell research; and (c) stem cells have, to date, been shown to have very limited applications for people with Alzheimer's syndromes.

ON THE CONTRARY, the Right has been engaged with the Schindler's case from Day One.


Anonymous said...

Hey As (Or shall I call you "Mr. Tute?")

What was the date that the protestors started setting up outside the hospice?

What was the date that Mr. Delay started to get involved?

Furthermore, what was the date you first blogged on the subject?

Glad to see y'all were in it from day 1!

Reliapundit said...

mccoy: i have only been bloggig since october 2004, ASSHOLE!

And the RIght has been on this case in one form or another since DAY ONE. so fuck off.

then, have a nice day - after you do.

Anonymous said...

Well, As... that really only partially addressed one of my questions.

How about the other two?

(The profanity was a nice touch.)