Saturday, March 12, 2005



Iran is willing to co-operate to show the world it is not trying to make nuclear weapons, the country's president said Saturday as he faced increasing pressure from the United States and Europe over the Iranian nuclear program. The comments by Iranian President Mohammad Khatami came one day after the U.S. government softened its stance on Iran's nuclear program and agreed to support a European plan offering economic incentives to Tehran to give up any weapons ambitions. We are ready to co-operate with the world to give more certainty that Iran is not moving toward the creation of nuclear arms," Khatami said through an interpreter.

This is just another ploy. Iran is merely sending out Khatami - its "good cop" - to assuage the international community and give Putin some cover.

I am SURE that Bush - who wouldn't take crap from Arafat (even though it TOTALLY pissed off the EU, and who has now quarantined the Irish terrorist -- the Irish Arafat: Gerry Adams) - ain't falling for this Iranian crap.

We'll probably have to preemptively destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, and we'll probably do it ASAP: which means after the Lebanese elections.

Between now and then we'll focus on Lebanon, Syria, and Hizballah (and the Iranians in Lebanon). And we'll also get our ducks in a row for a punitive UNSC against Iran. Bolton will handle that - (very nicely, thank you) - and it will serve as a warm up for another tough UNSCR against North Korea later in the year.

When the anti-Iranian UNSCR comes up for a vote, Putin will be forced to either stand with us, or veto it and stand with Iran. I guess he will abstain. As will China.

Stay tuned.

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