Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Here's another instance of INSTAPUNDIT HYPOCRISY on the Schiavo Case:

Glenn opened a recent post thus:

"I APPRECIATE Andrew Sullivan's quoting me, but he's wrong: Unlike Andrew, I don't think that America is in danger of being taken over by religious Zealots, constituting an American Taliban and bent on establishing theocracy. I think that -- despite their occasionally abusive emails (and most aren't abusive, just upset) -- the people that Mickey Kaus is calling "pro-tubists" are well-meaning, sincere, and possessed of an earnest desire to do good." I don't think that they're nascent Mullah Omars, and I think that calling them that just makes the problem worse. This is a tragedy, and it's become a circus. Name-calling just makes you one of the clowns.

Then he closed the very same post thus:

"If I were in charge of making the decision, I might well put the tube back and turn Terri Schiavo over to her family. But I'm not, and the Florida courts are, and they seem to have done a conscientious job. Maybe they came to the right decision, and maybe they didn't. But respecting their role in the system, and not rushing to overturn all the rules because we don't like the outcome, seems to me to be part of being a member of civilized society rather than a mob. As I say, I thought conservatives knew this."

The Professor is saying: "On the one hand, I'd never call the Schindler supporters a mob; only clowns call other people names, and I am NO CLOWN." Then he says that Schindler supporters are a mob (and they should know better)! This is a blatant case of Glenn trying to have his cake and eat it, too.

I think this proves on the Schiavo Case that Glenn's a phony and a CLOWN.

Glenn is so verbally agile and his snarkiness is so cute that most people fail to see how hypocritical he is on the Schiavo Case. When Glenn says, "I thought conservatives knew this" he is is saying that conservatives are a mob, but saying it in a cute/snarky UNDERHANDED way! And it fooled a lot of people. I think most people saw this double-pleading (above) as reasonableness; "On the one hand BLAH, and on the other hand BLAH."

I see it differently: I think that Glenn's very conflicted on the Schiavo Case, and that's he's also trying to appear above the fray, and that he's trying to hold on to his BIG READERSHIP (which is all over the place on the Schiavo Case), and that because he's very good at talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time: he gets away with appearing to be in the middle. (Well, of course he can talk smoothly through both sides of his mouth at the same time: he is a LAWYER after all!)

Well, on the Schiavo Case I think Glenn's in the MUDDLE, not the middle, and I think to try to muddle through a case of such great public import, and of such profound moral nature (as the Schiavo Case is) is pathetic. And his position, (essentially that "the courts did a legal job" and so we should all just "move along; there's nothing to see here") is as meaningless as it is amoral.

****UPDATE: Glenn has even more "on the other hand" BS on Schiavo Case today! Having his cake and eating it too: It's such a BAD HABIT with Glenn, that I think that Instapundit is not a lawyer, but a baker and a gourmand!

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