Thursday, March 31, 2005


Maybe the liberals - (like Glenn Reynolds) - aren't HAPPY, but I bet you they are RELIEVED. And I bet they'll ALL tell you, "it's because this is what Terri wanted."

YEAH SURE: it's what Terri wanted alright - AS ARBITRARILY DETERMINED BY A JUDGE!

And judges are not infallible. Not even the SCOTUS. Remember Dred Scot. And Japanese internment during WW2. And then - as far as state courts' infallibility goes: there's Claus Von Bulow and OJ.

Judges and courts are NOT infallible and the courts were NEVER intended to above the law.

Congress has specified, enumerated Constitutional authority over the federal courts. The Congress passed a Constitional law - (UNANIMOUSLY IN THE SENATE AND BY 75% IN THE HOUSE!) - which was signed by the president. This LAW ORDERED the federal courts to do a DE NOVO. A majority of the judges refused to do their duty. NOT ALL: a few Clinton appointed justices agreed that they MUST make a de novo review. AND LET ME REMIND YOU: years later, minority opinions (dissents) often turn out to be right. But the judges FAILED TO DO THEIR DUTY IN FLAGRANT DISREGARD OF THE CONSTITUTION. This is OUTRAGEOUS.

The majority of judges acted very badly. AND WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?! Well, the LIBERALS will tell you the judges acted well. AND IF THEY DIDN'T, THEN WHAT!? What do we do then!? How many judges - justices of the SCOTUS get voted out of office!? NONE. Which is to say: the judiciary is not as accountable as the Congress. Which proves that the judiciary is the branch of the federal government which we must be very VERY wary of.

So... now Terri is dead; she was starved to death - SLOWLY. If you did it to your pet, you'd get arrested. OH: BUT THIS IS WHAT SHE WANTED.

ARE YOU SURE!? HEY YOU LIBERALS OUT THERE: ARE YOU SURE!? 100% SURE!? And what if you are wrong. Then what is it that you just did to her!?

Terri was helpless and voiceless - like a fetus. Terri was aborted by her husband - who was given auhority by a judge. The liberals do not care for fetuses or for voiceless, brain-damaged people. YEAH: PEOPLE!

Oh... did I hear a liberal out there say that fetuses are not people!? Then - PRAY TELL ME - what are they!? What is conceived at conception if it not a life!? What is a mother expecting if it not a baby!? And what is a person in a PVS if not a person!?

May Terri Rest in Peace.

I pray that God soothes the Schindler's grief over time, and channels their anger in ways that makes our world a better place.

And I pray that Michael Schiavo receives a just end, too - THAT GOD JUDGE HIM JUSTLY. I know God will judge perfectly and justly. Not like how Greer judged Terri; Greer: who merely PLAYED God.

UPDATE - from AP/BOSTON HERALD (hat tip The Corner): HERE'S MORE PROOF (FOR YOU LIBERALS OUT THERE) OF JUST WHAT KIND OF LOW-LIFE SCUM MICHAEL SCHIAVO IS: The Schindlers' spiritual advisers said the couple had been at their daughter's bedside minutes before the end came, but were not there at the moment of her death because Michael Schiavo did not want them in the room.


Anonymous said...

''Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him'' - Job 13:15

The tears surprised me. I pulled over, blinded by them.

The incident is sharp in memory because it was a turning point: the moment I finally accepted the unacceptable. My mom was going to lose her battle with breast cancer. She was going to die.

My sisters and brother had already come to terms with it. I was the one still clinging, stubbornly and defiantly, to an expectation of miracles. To do otherwise felt like a betrayal of my mother. And of my faith.

But that day back in 1988, acceptance finally forced itself on me. Cancer had made her a stick figure. It had clouded her mind with hallucination. And it had reduced her to a toddler, her hand feather light in mine as she tottered down the hall.

I left her bedside at a trot. Got in the car and drove until I couldn't see.

As you've probably guessed, I'm writing about Terri Schiavo, who died today. And I'm doing what I guess we all do when we contemplate her tragedy. I am personalizing it.

How can you not? On the one side, there is Michael Schiavo, ordering removal of the feeding tube that sustained his wife for 15 years because, he said, she would not have wanted to live in a vegetative state. On the other, there are the parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, begging in tears for their daughter to simply live, in whatever state she could. It is only natural to run such a painful conundrum though the filter of experience -- or imagination -- and try to tease out truth you can live with.

Here's mine. Acceptance is hard. Acceptance hurts like hell.

For as much time as we've spent discussing spousal rights, political opportunism and the meaning of life, I think that's the signature lesson here: Conceding the inevitability of death is one of the hardest duties of life. And maybe the longer you put it off -- the Schindlers and Michael Schiavo have been fighting for seven years -- the more difficult it becomes.

Which is why the denouement of this drama has been painful, even for those of us who were not directly involved. Watching the increasingly naked desperation of the fight to keep Terri alive came to feel intrusive and voyeuristic. You wanted to turn away, but there was no place you could go.

So you watched as the Schindlers strained credulity with claims that their daughter tried to say ''I want to live'' even as her feeding tube was removed. And never mind that, five years ago, according to a report in the Miami Herald, the couple openly conceded that Terri was insensate, her brain destroyed.

You watched as the Rev. Jesse Jackson, in a stunning illustration of the axiom about politics and bedfellows, spoke out on behalf of the Schindlers, a boogeyman of the liberal left making common cause with the religious right.

You watched as House Majority Leader Tom DeLay denounced as ''barbarism'' the removal of Terri's feeding tube and trampled the constitutional separation of powers with extraordinary legislative maneuvers to keep her alive, yet neglected to mention that he raised no similar objection 17 years ago when his father suffered a massive head injury and the family decided it was best that the elder DeLay be allowed to die.

You watched as people went just a little bit nuts.

And maybe, if you were the praying type, you said, Hey, God, how about a little help here? When should we stop waiting on the miracle? When is it OK to give up hope?

But God, as far as is known, kept His own counsel. Maybe He felt He'd said what He had to say 15 years ago.

Terri Schiavo's death, hard as it was, feels like mercy. For her and for us. Once again, we can avoid confronting our irresolute feelings and fears.

There is, however, wisdom here, for those to care to seek it. Roughly distilled, it goes like this: to face reality is not to betray faith.

God answers every prayer, a preacher once said.

Sometimes, the answer is no.

Reliapundit said...

and another thing: i leave all comments up, but if ewant to leave another long one then i insisit that it NOT be anonymous.

or i will delete it. especially since it's a double/repeat comment that wass probably cut&paste from whoknowswhere.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps taking a deep breath might benefit everyone. The AP is reporting that the Schindlers were not on the Hospice grounds at the time of Terri's death and that Bobby Schindler and his sister were removed because they got into an argument with the guards after the hospice staff asked them to leave the room while they performed a test.

Both the Schindlers and the Schaivos have been through a lot. Instead of throwing around things like "Happy now??" or "More proof that Michael Schaivo is low life scum!", how about we give the people most deeply involved some breathing room to grieve?

At the very least, maybe we could wait 24 hours before using their family crisis as a political weapon.


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