Saturday, February 05, 2005


UPDATE 3: Type "Mattis" into the search engines of the Washington Post, the ew York Times, the Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times and you will find tories here, here, here, and here on United States Marine Corps General James Mattis' remarks on war fighting made this past Tuesday.

Type "Eason Jordan" into those same search engines and you will get nothing concerning Jordan's scandalous accusation at Davos on January 27 that the American military "targeted" and killed a dozen journalists in Iraq. Zip. Nothing.

The elite media instantly saddles up to ride to the condemnation of a speech given by a warrior much beloved and respected by his troops --a genuine hero and charismatic war-winner who believes in closing with and killing the enemy before they kill his troops and more civilians, and for those ideology of fascism he has complete contempt.

But let the speech be given by a MSM big, and let the subject be a slander on the entire American military, and the result is total MSM silence.

This is why there is near complete contempt for the MSM among center-right people. Think about it. Every major paper has an anti-Mattis story. Not one has even mentioned Jordan.

Cancel a MSM subscription today. And find a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine to thank for their service.

Hypocrisy is the main condition of the Left and the Old Media they dominate. Their aversion to Bush makes them convulse in hypocritical convolutions.

The Left hates Bush because of his unabashed belief in, and open dependence on, universalism and the sanctity of each and every individual human life. The Left is insanely committed to relativism and the priority of class consciousness - which makes them believe that there is no such thing as right or wrong (apart from how it is defined locally/culturally), and that each individual is of value only by virtue of which groups they're in: racial; religious; class; gender; sexual preference; etc. The Left favors hiring/entry policies NOT based on individual merit, but membership in a group; the Left favors tax policies NOT based on treating all income and each income earner the same, but policies that tax richer folks more. Instead of individual culpability, the Left blames social and political conditions for the crimes of individual thugs - they've done this since the 1950's, and on everything from gangs, all the way up to 9/12/01 - when the Left blamed the USA for the attacks on 9/11/01.

Rather than promote a free society in which persons are judged and rewarded based on their individual merits, the Left wants a powerful state to determine the winners and losers based on their membership in a variety of groups (most seen as victims of other groups) - groups which are in fact imaginary - merely heuristic devices and mental constructs coined by the "intellectual" Leftwing elitists who crave control of the state in order to make the world a socialist utopia. Of course, Hayek and history have demonstrated that this imaginary "Road to Shangi-la" is really the road to servitude and poverty; IOW: "The Road to Serfdom."

The Left realizes that the success of a meritocratic society - both economically, and as an engine for spreading liberty and democracy and free markets all over the world - is a direct threat to everything they believe in. Which is why they've pulled out all the stops when confronting Bush. And, it's why they denigrate the recent Iraqi election: They see their own continued demise in the electoral victory of the Iraqi people.

It's been becoming ever more clear to the Left since the 1980's - (and the election of Thatcher and Reagan, and their successful reliance of Hayekian economic polices, and the opening up of China under Teng Xiao Ping, and the collapse of the USSR) - that Leftist ideology has been a complete and abysmal misadventure. As a former left-winger myself, I know that those who remain on the Left are emotionally unable to admit failure and move on. That's why they fight dirty - and lie, and cheat, and try to steal elections, and hypocritically cover the news and spread propaganda: Maintaining their misguided belief system requires that they fight hard to keep reality out.

But it ain't working, thank God - and thank the blogosphere!

So: Either the Left takes a deep breath, admits they were wrong about the 20th Century or they will vanish in the 21st - either by dwindling to electoral insignificance, or by self-immolation. Their choice. And ultimately, it matters not: Humanity can and will continue the centuries long march toward liberty and democracy without them! As the wise man once said: "Lead. follow, or get out of the way." Bush is leading; it's time for the Left to follow us, or get out of the way.

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