Thursday, February 10, 2005


GLENN wrote:

NORTH KOREA SAYS IT HAS NUKES. Bill Quick blames Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. I guess they deserve some of the blame, but honestly there hasn't been all that much we could do about North Korea, short of nuking them, anyway. The Clinton-Carter deal didn't help, but I don't think it really did a lot of harm, either.

I disagree with Glenn: failing to be ineffective is NOT benign; it is incompetence or malfeasance. Carter and Clinton and Albright and Perry and Cohen and Berger were as effective in dealing with North Korea as they were with Saddam and Al Qaeda and Somalia and the Sudan and Rwanda. And with Arafat! WHICH IS TO SAY THAT THEY WERE UTTER, TOTAL AND COMPLETE FAILURES. Failures whose net effect on our national security and foreign policy was BAD.

UPDATE: The BELMONT CLUB has an interesting short post on this. It reminded me of a BASIC TRUTH: any tyrant willing to kill his own people (and put them in concentration camps and starve them and abuse them of all their inalienable rights) WILL OF COURSE LIE; therefore, these kinds of tyrants are essentially UNTRUSTWORTHY.

That's why TREATIES with tryants like Kim are worth NOTHING. Only Leftwing boobs like Carter and Clinton think they mean something.

China is the tactical answer to the current problem; (they need to foment regime change or invade). To get them to do that, we need to ramp up the pressure on them. I think we can do that by encouraging north Koreans to start major domestic upheavals and mass demonstrations, and by attempting massive illegal immigration to China. This would turn the heat up on the Chinese and on Kim - without directly involving us or the south Koreans or Japan; therefore it gives the north Koreans no pretext for an attack.

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