Monday, February 07, 2005



Iran's top nuclear negotiator says Iran will retaliate and accelerate its efforts to develop nuclear technology if attacked by the US or Israel. Hassan Rohani told Reuters news agency there was nothing the West could do that would persuade Tehran to scrap its nuclear programme. Both the US and Israel have said it would be unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons. Iran says its nuclear programme will be used to generate electricity. The US has refused to rule out a military strike on Iran, but has said it will try to resolve the dispute by diplomatic means.

SO... let's see where we stand now: Iran - a nation that's sponsors international and genocidal terror denies that it is seeking nukes; the EU - who, along with Russia is selling Iran what it needs to makes nukes, says the US is incapable of using a military option to prevent Iran from getting nukes; and the USA says it wants a multi-lateral diplomatic solution but is taking nothing off the table.

At some point, - as soon as Iran crosses the line - it must be dealt with one way or another; if at that point multilateral diplomatic efforts have failed, WHAT ARE WE SUPPOPSED TO DO... NOTHING!?

The clearer we make it NOW that we will use military counter-measures - meaning that we will destroy all of Iran's nuclear related sites AND all of their military infra-structure AND most of their economic infra-structure - the MORE likely they will play ball. IOW: we must make it clear that the COSTS of crossing the nuke line are worse than the BENEFITS. And the clearer we make it now, the less carping we will hear then - IOW: "WE TOLD YOU! WE WARNED YOU, FAIR AND SQUARE!"

This is consistent with the Bush Doctrine; (click HERE.)

This means that we must get the UNSC to pass a resolution NOW which demands that Iran fully and completely cooperate with invasive inspections NOW! Or, as soon as Condi gets back.

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