Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Herb Keinon of the JPOST points out this:

Israeli flags flew inside a cluster of Jordanian, Egyptian and Palestinian flags on the route from the Sharm e-Sheikh airport to the resort hotel where the four-way summit was being held Tuesday morning, already a marked improvement from the last time Israeli and Palestinian leaders met here in 2000. At the ill-fated summit in 2000, Jordanian, Egyptian, Palestinian and American flags flew, but the Israeli banner was nowhere to be seen. The Israeli flag was also noticeably absent from the streets of Aqaba during the summit there in June 2003. Yigal Palmor, one of a handful of Israeli spokesmen who traveled to the meeting to present Israel's position to the mass of journalists who converged on the scene, said that the very fact that the Israeli flag is flying already indicates a change of attitude toward the Israelis.

A two-state solution is predicated on Arab acceptance of the state of Israel (followed by the Palestinian Arabs behaving as a transparently responsible democratic state).

This symbolic touch signals that part in - acceptance - is becoming a reality. Now if the Arabs could get the neojihadists in Hamas and Hizb'allah and PFPL and DFLP and alAksa (et al!) to recognize Israel we could really be on the verge of something wonderful. It's a great article; RTWT.

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MikeNargizian said...

Listen, the optimism is fine.
But how low we and the Israelis for that matter shoot, when you're getting excited because 2 police state (more Egypt than Jordan) Dictatoriships under the thumb of the US 'actually flew' the Israeli flag?
That constitutes a change of heart where? with Mubarrek and Abdullah? surely not with their populations and certainly not with the virulent Egyptian media.

Don't get too ahead of the game and get Osloidis again.. Things are a little bit better today its a long long if not impossible road to keep slowly reeling the fish in and there are plenty of waves and sharks.

This is just a game of political pressure and posturing and Condi and Bush are getting better at it and thankfully running the show now... the Arabs realize that the US attitude is different and that the Israelis is as well.... that and the fact that Sharon has defeated the Intifadah despite all of the naysayers 2 years ago is the only reason for some crack of optimism... that and NOTHING else.

Nothing has changed on the Arab street yet...